The ATAS-100 Technical Supplement

The Technical Supplement content of this page was provided by Rainer, SM5LBR.   Click on any image to get a full resolution drawing of it.  The images are very instructive in explaining the inner workings of the ATAS100 antenna.  


Page 1. Circuit Diagram

Page 2. Parts Layout on PC board

Page 3.  Parts List

Page 4.  Mechanical Exploded View

Photo of the ATAS-100 Disassembled

Photos of Rainer's FT-100/ATAS-100 installation

If you've gotten this far, it's possible that your ATAS-100 needs to be repaired and you may not have the skills or equipment to tackle it yourself. I was contacted by a fellow ham, Tom Dailey, W0EAJ, who has a business called Tom Daily's Vintage Radio Sales and Repair near Denver who knows how to fix these antennas and if you want to see if he can fix yours, you can find his contact information at that link.

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