The images below are to help explain the FT100's Band data pigtail connector.

The picture above is taken from Page 4 of the operating manual. The standard convention for labeling jacks is to consider yourself looking into the connector from the outside.  The service manual also has a diagram of the band data pigtail on page 17.  Note that the image is rotated 180 degrees from the one above.  The pin numbers are as follows:

1 -  13V (Output)
2 -  LIN (Shown in operating manual as TX GND and appears to be affiliated with the PTT) (Input)
3 -  GND
4 - TXD (B) (Shown in operating manual as Data In) (Output)
5 - RXD (A) (Shown in operating manual as Data Out) (Input in Cat/Tuner mode, Output in Amp mode)
6 - Reset (C)  Note this is inconsistent with the operating manual (Output)
7 - (D) Note this is also inconsistent with the operating manual (Output)
8 - TX inh (Input)

The service manual diagram has arrows to show the direction of signal flow.  In the case of the 'Reset' line, the operating manual shows it as assigned with Pin 7, whereas the service manual shows it assigned to pin 6.

The picture above is scanned from page 19 of the manual and shows how to reconfigure the FT100 from the default (Cat/Tuner) to Amp.

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