DC4000 RCA shorting issue

A new problem was discovered on several dc4000s in July 2004 that were built with a different type of RCA connector. The connector has a center lead that is much taller than the original RCA connectors and it can short out to the bottom of the drive as the product warms up.   This causes the valid video light to flicker or go out completely and the image will either freeze or go dark in the capture window.  Eventually, the capture will stop with an error.  It's possible that the problem will go away after things have cooled down but will come back after the video has been captured for a while and the product begins to warm up.

The leads that exhibit the problem stand nearly 5 mm tall on  the circuit board.  You can fix it by bending down the center leads on the 3 RCA connectors or by clipping them so that they are 3 mm or less (.125") above the PC board.

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