Feature comparison table between the dc3000, dc4000, and dc5000

Note:  The dc5000 installation CD is available for U.S.$9.95 + shipping on www.hp.com and will work with the dc3000/dc4000.  You should first uninstall Showbiz and RecordNow using Add/Remove programs before installing dc5000 software.   To order the install CD, search on hp.com for 'HP DVD Movie Writer dc5000' and select 'software and drivers'.

Feature dc3000 dc4000 dc5000
capture device driver version (version downloadable) version (locks on video better) same as dc4000
Showbiz 2 version (download available to upgrade to version  New MPEG codec, better audio quality,  easier pan and scroll on still images; allows motion on DVD menus.  Program loads faster, has better performance. version  Added Dolby Audio support which allows more video per DVD.
HP Transfer Wizard one video clip allowed, 2 hour per DVD max. Allows multiple clips, prompts for saving .mpg file after DVD transfer, can use wizard with DV camera connected to 1394 port on PC if present.  2.5 hours per DVD max. same as dc4000 except with Dolby audio, it allows 3.5 hours per disk, 7 hours on double layer DVDs.
RecordNow version 4.56 version 6.5; new more intuitive user interface version update
PowerDVD   version update same as dc4000
Muvee   version update trial version only
SimpleBackup   version update not included
Arcsoft Photobase 4.5 not included Photobase is included on 2nd disk.  It helps in organizing photos and writing photo albums/slide shows to CD/DVD disks. Arcsoft Greeting Card creator.
DVD drive dvd300c or dvd300n drive  writes at 4X max; writes to DVD+R/RW media but not to DVD-R/RW media.. dvd420n drive writes at 8x max; can write to DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW disks.  dvd640c drive writes at 16x max, can write to double layer DVD+R (8.5GB)media.

DC3000 speeds:

Write Maximum Speed   Read Maximum Speed
CD-R Up to 16x   CD-ROM Up to 40x
CD-RW Up to 10x   DVD-ROM Up to 8x
DVD+R Up to 4x      
DVD+RW 2.4x    

DC4000 speeds

Write Maximum Speed   Read Maximum Speed
CD-R Up to 24x   CD-ROM Up to 40x
CD-RW Up to 10x   DVD-ROM Up to 8x
DVD+R Up to 8x      
DVD+RW 4x    

DC5000 speeds


Maximum speed



Maximum speed


Up to 40x (P-CLV)



Up to 40x (CAV)


Up to 24x (Z-CLV)



Up to 16x (CAV)


Up to 16x (Z-CLV)



4x (CLV)



2.4x (CLV)



Up to 8x (Z-CLV)



4x (CLV)



DC4000 DVD-R/RW Non-HP media compatibility

DVD-R Media   DVD-RW Media
Manufacturer Speeds   Manufacturer Speeds
Fuji   4X 8X   JVC 2X 4X
Maxell   4X     Pioneer 2X  
Panasonic 2X 4X     TDK 2X  
Ritek   4X     Verbatim 2X 4X
Sony 2X   8X        
Taiyo Yuden 2X 4X 8X        
TDK   4X          
Verbatim   4X      

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