dc3000/dc4000/dc5000 version driver

If you are having difficulty with the dc3000 not capturing video because the valid video LED on the dc3000 front panel is blinking or are having audio sync/echo issues, this driver may help because it has a more robust algorithm to lock on to signals.  You can install it by downloading this zip file and following these procedures.

When you double-click on the dc3000v111.zip file, you should see a window like the one above.  Extract the files to a convenient folder whose location will be easy to remember.  Then launch the Device Manager, open up the 'Sound, video, and game controllers', and then right click on the 'HP DVD Movie Writer dc3000' and select 'Update Driver'.

Check the box that reads, 'Include this location in the search' and use the 'Browse' key to navigate to and select the folder where you have extracted the 6 files from the dc3000v111.zip file that you downloaded.  Select 'Next' and you should see it copying the drivers files to the appropriate locations.


After you're finished, you should check the driver revision level and confirm that you see the results shown above.  The original driver was version and was dated 8/5/2003.   You'll also notice that the dc3000 now shows up either as an 'HP DVD Movie Writer dc3000/dc4000' or simply a 'HP DVD Movie Writer' under the 'Sound, video, and game controllers' entry in the Device Manager.  

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