Wishlist from DEC customers

Dave D. (founder of the de100c Yahoo group ):

1. Show Album covers shown while playing an album (also as part of screen saver).

2. Be able to choose album to play from pictures of album covers rather than text

2. USB keyboard support

3. Able to access mp3 on de100 from other networked PC and Macs

4. Information on number of albums, tracks and total hours of mp3 stored on de100c

5. A backup routine that helps automate the process by calculating the number of CDs needed and marks the tracks as backed up so that incremental backups can be done periodically.

From John T.:

1. Fix current bugs with ID3 tags, CD writer, etc. I'm pretty sure this is already in the works. [ed: CD writer bug fixed in software release 1.2.67, TagClinic bug to be fixed in future  release]

2. Ability to copy files from the HP to other networked devices (for backup and playing on other PCs or transfer to other mobile devices not supported by the HP [e.g., the Nomad Jukebox]). 

3. Ability to modify playlists WHILE the playlist is playing. Currently, any change to a playlist causes the player to stop playing. This is not good if you're "DJing" for a party (even your own, one-person, private party, ha ha).

4. Add a function to the HP that generates a text file of the HP music library's content to a standard text file, readable by a PC.  This should go into an "export" directory or something similar. I can think of quite a few uses for this, but I'd like to create something that generates a Pronto (universal remote control, very programmable) configuration suitable for use with the HP DEC (allowing selection of albums to play by touchscreen ... quite useful when you're in a different room from the HP unit). The text file could be comma- or tab-delimited, and should be in some kind of hierarchical format.

5. USB keyboard support.

6. Some kind of messaging system on the HP that alerts users to software changes. Failing this, the software changes and bug fixes should be posted to the DEC support website.

7. Ability to clone a playlist.

8.  Ability to do other things while transferring music from CD to the HP.  The way it currently works, the ONLY thing the HP will do while you're recording is play that CD.

From Jordan:

1) Support for the Apple iPod MP3 player

2) Support for loading files from an Apple computer

3) Notification of firmware update and additional functionality

4) Upgrade the interface with the Muze data---delete multiple listings of artists, better retrieval of information (too many 'Artist Not Found' messages

5) Better purchasing interface for pre-recorded CD's

6) Ability to search internet radio stations on bitrate

7) Ability to download promotional and commercial MP3's from the portal

8) Additional internet radio stations

9) Support for 802.11b via the USB terminal & 3rd party 802.11b device

10) Ability to stream to myself in a different location from my de100c

From Raymond D:

1.  USB keyboard support

2.  Ability to access files on the DEC over the LAN

3.  Use cover art.  Such as that which is available in the ID3V2.x tags

4.  Front/Back cover disk pictures

5.  Support for CD-Text on  CDs burned on  the de100c


From Jordi G:

1) If you're listening to a disk, most people look at the front/back covers. You can get most of them through web sites like http://www.allmusic.com.  It could be a win-win situation to involve them in the development (partners?) and warranty that these pictures can be retrieved and displayed while end user is listening to the disk. (For them banners?)

2) Pictures Jukebox

 Nowadays digital pictures are totally tied to computers. HP is developing Photosmart printers that allow you to print without computer. - When you want to see the pictures you must go to the computer.   Enabling a picture database in the DEC would allow everybody to enjoy the pictures from the living room. - Adding a CompactFlash reader would allow the user to download from any camera. Adding a USB connection for HP cameras would allow Photosmart owners to download pictures from their cameras and plug in HP printers.

3) USB for wireless keyboard and mouse.  Allows to improve music or pictures database by adding comments to disk entries and picture entries. Allows to navigate through internet. Even though internet is not the main objective for the DEC, it can be very useful if you want to query some data about a specific singer/group/orchestra.

4) Digital output to feed external DAC

 For those users that complain that current sound boards do not deliver the sound quality they expect. - This output will enable HIFI lovers to buy an external DAC that would retrieve the analog sound signal with the quality they expect.

5) Network music streaming to other rooms

 In the HIFI industry, there are already devices that allow to distribute music to different rooms in the house. Given that DEC will have LAN capabilities, HP could develop a music device that could be installed in any room (wireless LAN?) and would access to the same music server. - MusicAnywhere module?

6) Remote controller

 Use a PDA as remote controller. If DEC is provided with a Web interface to control its functionality, the end user could use a wireless Jornada to navigate to the desired disc without having to switch on the TV.

7) DVD read/write

From Jim S:

1.)  USB keyboard support

2.)  Web page interface for accessing the de100c from a PC on the network

3.)  WMA support

4.)  Analog recording support

5.)  Streaming server application to stream content to connected appliances

Scott Z.)

1.)  A remote control via the network.  I envision walking around my home with whole house audio and a wireless IPaq selecting songs pausing when the phone rings.  A small app on a connected desktop could send a pause command when it sees a ring signal on the internal modem.

2.)  A volume control, either on the HP IR remote and or thru the network.


1) A TOD/TOW event timer that can start music or internet radio, etc. at certain times and start playing (for example) the Jazz genre on Saturday night at 6PM in shuffle, etc. This currently has to be done with the clumsy IR control via macros in remotes, etc.

2) The simple ability to switch from one genre or artist to another so you can turn the romantic genre on when the girlfriend arrives, etc.

3) The keyboard of course, but this could just be implemented via the LAN on the remote PC running the same applet!- wouldn't it be more convenient to do all that editing from your desk rather than standing in front of the stereo cabinet?


I think the HP could benefit from a cross-fade function, so that it fades out and into the next track when playing.

Lance K.:

1) It would be nice to have sample rate conversion during downloads to portable.  For example using 192 or 256 on the HP as my 'master' then download 128  Kbps to the portable for long workouts etc...

2) Remote network control (wireless jornada & ipaq)

3) Support for satellite players that cache material from the de100c.

4)  A feature to help automate the backup process, such as breaking up the database into CDs so that it can write them out like a playlist that fits on a CD.

From Steve M.

1. Item: Need to be able to both read and write files to the DE100C across the network 

Importance: High 
Description: The DE100C has the ability to input files from the network by placing them in the "Import" folder. However there is no way to pull files from the DE100C. One of the critical shortcomings of the DE100C is the lack of a way of backing up the information from the internal hard disk in a fast and cost effective method. It is possible to write back all of the stored music to multiple CD-R disks, however this is not a practical method of backing up the contents of the DE100C as it will require large quantities of blank CD-R disks to do this and necessitate many hours of time burning the CD-R disks. Incremental upgrades are next to impossible to do unless you keep a separate log of what has been added since the last backup. If it was possible to read and write across the network, another computer drive on the network could become the repository for a backup of the DE100C contents. Large hard disks are cheaper and faster than using CD-R's as the backup media. Considering the amount of time and effort needed to initially load the DE-100C with music, an efficient means of backing up the data is critical. 

2. Item: Need to be able to do an alphabetic sort of the items in a playlist
Importance: High 

Description: When preparing to burn a MP3 CD-R, a play list is the best place to build a list of the songs you wish to put on the CD-R. However it is possible to put the same song more than once on the playlist. Since a CD-R may have 150 or more songs in the MP3 format, it is hard to recognize when you have duplicates. If you could sort the list alphabetically, it would be much easier to locate duplicates. Alternative: Provide the capability of identifying songs that are duplicated in the play list. 

3. Item: USB Accessories 

Importance: High 
Description: It would be highly useful if the USB ports could support accessories such as an external hard drive. This would be useful for additional storage or as a possible means of backing up the DE100C. 

4. Item: Random Play mode 

Importance: High 
Description: It would be highly useful if the DE100C could randomly choose songs stored on it when in the playback mode. This would be a preferable way of using it to supply background music without having to build a play list. It would be useful if the capability existed to play randomly within a single album, a single artist, and among all songs stored in the DE100C. 

5. Item: Keeping track of the total number and size of songs in a playlist 

Importance: High 
Description: If a playlist is used to assemble a list of songs to burn to a CD-R, there is no way to determine if you have more songs in the playlist than there is room for on the CD-R until you actually start the burn process. There should be a readout of the total size of the songs in the playlist so as to make it more evident when the limits of the CD-R have been reached. 

6. Item: Remote Control 

Importance: High 
Description: The remote control is critical in being able to run the DE100C. Not all of the remote control keys are replicated on the front panel. Loss or breakage of the remote control seriously impacts the usability of the DE100C. The remote control should be available for purchase as an additional item. 

7. Item: Flat file format 

Importance: High 
Description: When burning a CD-R using the flat file mode, it would be useful if the file name on each of the MP3 songs reflected the actual song title vice "track001.mp3". Could an option be provided to choose between the entire song title or the current default? That would allow for compatibility between devices that can only handle the 8.3 file name format, and those that can display long file names.

 8. Item: Analog inputs 

Importance: High 
Description: It would be useful to be able to record directly into MP3 files using the analog and digital inputs.

9.) Ability to edit the i-Radio list to remove non-working stations and add new ones that are not in the list

Paul D. 

The ability to create playlists from other playlists.

South (and every /. reader, no doubt :)

Ogg Vorbis support


Ripping to CDDA uncompressed format for maximum fidelity

Ability to upgrade the hard drive


Eject the disk after ripping


Support for the Hango Jukebox


Web page interface for accessing the de100c from a PC on the network

Ability to add my own internet radio stations.

Ability to create different folders in the import folder.  I would love it if those folders could be playlists.

Windows-like GUI


There should be a way to dim the display


An ISO image with the latest firmware so once the website is down, you can recover from the default image on the disk and still upgrade your software. 

Add USB support for external hard drives 

Add an option to format files that you record with a directory structure and files names that are track-album-artist-song so you can tell what you are playing from the net.

Jon W.

Show the 'Options' menu on the front panel. They are typical short lists, and would improve the stand-alone operation of the unit such as getting disc info, add to Playlist, etc, would be helpful.

A permanently 'selectable' attribute for Playlists of 'Shuffle' & 'Repeat'. (maybe a general preference?) 

Enable recording to non-'Digital Audio' media. Plus some others... 

Improve the user interface for management of the DB. i.e., give access to a PC based utility to change mp3 tag information, sort, delete, etc. 

Improve ability to manipulate the unit, just from the front panel, so the TV is needed less to operate it. 

Ability to create an 'ad-hoc' Playlist on the fly by scrolling and selecting items to play (from the front panel). 

Eliminate the sound gap between tracks. This is especially noticeable when playing 'Live' CD's. 

Add ability for the user to define a broader range of Internet radio stations (I think this is a popular request) 

Ability to manipulate the unit from the network (another popular one) 

Better Playlist management. (Backup ability, nested Playlists, One-touch initiation of a Playlist, Playlist size info (time and space), etc) 

Show mp3 tag information in the Export Folder. 

Some general preferences... 

'Don't play the CD while recording' 

'Eject CD upon conclusion of recording' 

...and since support is going away... 

A way to burn a CD with the final version of the OS to solve a future h/w failure recovery issue. (I think you said this was being planned) 

Post all imbedded error messages we might see, with possible causes and any other helpful diagnostic information. (are there error messages?)


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