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How to modify an existing volume


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This option modifies the name and/or size of an existing volume. A volume is a portion of one or more hard disks configured to store data on the HP Media Vault. Volumes can be a defined as part of a disk or an entire disk. You configure the volume’s size.

  • You will not be able to shrink the volume’s size below the size required to store all of the volume’s current files and folders.

To access the Disk Settings screen:

  • Double-click the HP Media Vault icon on your desktop.
  • Click Customize your HP Media Vault’s settings.
  • If the Welcome Screen opens, click Configure Device.
  • Click the Disk Settings tab.

To select the volume to modify:

  1. Select a volume by clicking the Select a Volume drop-down list.
  2. Click Modify Volume.

To change the volume’s name:

  1. Enter the volume’s new name in the New Name box.
  2. If you are finished, click Accept or Cancel. (If you click Cancel, your changes will not be accepted.) Otherwise continue with the next section.

To resize the volume:

  1. Complete one of the following:
    • Use the slider arrows to resize the volume.
    • Enter a new size in the GB Assigned box.
    • Click Assign All Available Space to this Volume.
  2. Click Accept or Cancel. If you click Cancel, your changes will not be accepted.
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