HP Media Vault TwonkyMedia Server

Please note, these instructions are for the MV1 only which uses a DLNA server from Syabas.  The MV2 uses Twonky as the factory installed DLNA server so there's no need to try to install another one.

Before proceeding, you will need go to the Media Vault's web interface and set up a new Shared Folder on Volume1 called 'ShareApps' if you haven't already.     Open this new folder in Windows Explorer and create a folder in ShareApps called opt.  Then create two more sub-folders in opt called twonky and lib.  If you've previously installed the Firefly server, you may have most of this done already

If you want to install the Twonky Media Server on the Media Vault, please follow the steps below.    This is the 30-day trial of version 4.4 of the mipsel-glibc-2.2.3 code which is the latest version available for the HP Media Vault.   Twonky used to offer their server for NAS devices on their own website, but they abandoned the practice due to support issues. The Twonky Media Server is compiled for many different architectures.  .

Here are the steps:

Download the twonkymedia server and a few glibc libaries and unzip that them on your PC. 

Drag and drop the resulting files/folders to the Media Vault's ShareApps/opt/twonky folder

Telnet into the Media Vault and execute these commands (please note the cp command should all be all on one line):

cp /shares/Volume1/ShareApps/opt/twonky/lib*

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/shares/Volume1/ShareApps/opt/lib:/lib
cd /shares/Volume1/ShareApps/opt/twonky
chmod 700 twonkym* cgi-bin/* plugins/*

Then if you do a 'ps' command, you should see multiple instances of the server running. The entries will look like this:

6506 root 2432 S < /shares/Volume1/ShareApps/twonky/twonkymediaserver

Then from a PC, you can configure the server with its web configuration page which is served on port 9000:


Please note, if you've changed the name of your Media Vault from the default name of hpmediavault, then edit that line accordingly.  The web pages that come up are fairly self-explanatory.

At one time, if you want to keep using a NAS-based server after 30 days, you'll have to pay Twonkyvision about $U.S. 40 for a license. However, after they stopped supporting it, this no longer appears to be the case.

This server will die when you exit the telnet session, but there are some instructions below on how to launch it on startup as discussed in the proposal on a way to add software to the Media Vault.

After you're satisfied that it's working properly, you can set it up to launch on startup by following these steps:

If you've already installed Firefly and thus have an ext-start.sh file that is called by startup.sh, simply add these lines two to the end of ShareApps/ext-start.sh file using Notepad++ and store it in Unix format:

cd /shares/Volume1/ShareApps/opt/twonky

If you have not installed Firefly, you can download this file, unzip it, and copy the three resulting files to the ShareApps/opt/twonky folder.  Then telnet into the HP Media Vault and perform this command which is a script to copy some files:


This will perform the commands shown in the file called  'twonky-auto' which can be seen on this page and place files into the appropriate locations so that it will start up automatically.  I have been told that Twonky server version 4.4.1 no longer has a /lib directory in the Twonky tree so you may get an error when it attempts to copy it with this script.  You can safely ignore that error.

After you reboot, the Twonky Media Server should be running and you can check for it using the 'ps' command from telnet as explained above.

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