Updating Keplerian Elements in Winorbit

To update your keps for Winorbit, go to this page and select the link listed as the NASA two-line element 'bare format'.  Save the contents of that pages as 'keps' using 'save as' in the file menu.  Put it in the folder winorbit\keps. Overwrite the file if it already exists.  Next, use My Computer in Windows to go in an rename the file from 'keps.txt' as 'keps.2li'  (The characters after the '.' are '2' an 'L' and an 'I' which stands for 2 LIne element format.)  If you try to save the file as keps.2li without the renaming step, the browser may save it as 'keps.2li.txt' and you'll have a difficult time renaming it.

In Winorbit, select the menu item 'Setup', 'Satellite Database', and then in the next window, 'Database', 'AutoUpdate'.  This will give you the very latest keps and potentially keep you from missing a satellite pass.  You should update the keps at least once a month.


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