Clearing the System Drive
(these instructions apply to the MV1 only)

If you find yourself with two instances of Volume1 because you had a mirror drive and did a hard reset while troubleshooting before you ran Nasload, or because HP shipped you a pre-imaged drive, or for any other reason, don't worry, it is possible to fix it.

First, if the data on your mirror drive is not backed up elsewhere, you should move it to a PC or some other safe location by dragging and dropping the files there before you perform these steps or otherwise your data will be lost.   If you have two instances of Volume1, you'll notice that the shares on the mirror drive will have numbers on the end of them, for example, FileShare2, Backup2, etc., when viewed on a your PC and so you can drag and drop files in those shared folders from the Media Vault on to a new location.

It's not possible to delete Volume1 due to restrictions in the web user interface and it's also not possible to erase the System Drive, so if you want to clear the internal drive you can blank it on a PC by installing it in the PC and formatting it or if it's booting up properly in the MV1, you can blank the internal drive using commands via telnet.  The instructions for using telnet into the Media Vault are given here.

After you have moved your data to a safe location,  telnet into the Media Vault, and execute these commands to blank the internal drive (please note the dd command should all be on one line):

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/scsi/host1/bus0/target0/lun0/disc bs=512 count=1000


The first command wipes out the boot block on the internal system drive by writing zeros over the first 1000 blocks on the drive.  The second reboots the system. 

It you want to make sure everything is clear, instead of issuing the reboot, after executing the dd command, just hold down on the  reset button for 10 seconds.  That will perform a hard reset and clear NVRAM too, basically returning the MV1 to its factory configuration once you reload it with Nasload.

After you've blanked the internal drive, you'll need to use Nasload to re-image the system again.  In the event you haven't done a hard reset, the Media Vault may have a reference to Volume1 stored in NVRAM and thus will install only the OS and will not try to recreate another instance of Volume1 and its associated shares.  The SYSTEM drive will have just the OS and unallocated space on it and this will allow you to re-mirror a Volume1 that is on a drive in the mobile rack back on to the system drive. Otherwise, you'll have to create Volume1 and the factory default shares manually. 

If for any reason you want to blank the second drive, you should be able to reformat it from the web UI as long as it doesn't contain Volume1.  Volume1 is special and the MV will not allow you to rename or delete it from the web UI. 

If you wish to blank a drive that is installed in the mobile rack, here is the command to do that:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/scsi/host2/bus0/target0/lun0/disc bs=512 count=1000


After rebooting you should see a blank drive in the mobile rack location. 

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