Compatibility between the HP Media Vault and the D-Link DSM-520.

The DSM 520 works with the HP Media Vault, but unfortunately, the compatibility has gotten worse with each successive release of the software.  You can roll back to version 1.01 by downloading and unzipping a pair of files and putting them on a USB flash drive and then powering up the DSM520.   You should  put the files on the root level of an empty flash drive and insert it into the slot on the front of the DSM-520.  The DSM-520 will ask you if you want to update the firmware and it will load it from the USB flash drive.    Please note that you must use a regular flash drive, not a U3 type flash drive.

The first bug introduced with version 1.02 not allow files to play sequentially in folder mode.  It just loops back to the first file.    It's not an unacceptable inconvenience for videos or music but is annoying when viewing pictures, which tend to be organized in folders.  Versions 1.03 and 1.04 will not play Divx or  MPEG videos. 

There are two files in this zip file, a binary file called  "DSM520_2005.11.08-1610__1.01"  and a text file called "DSM-520-VerInfo.txt".  The text files contains these line:


The first line of that file needs to be greater than the version you're currently running on the DSM-520.  It tricks it into thinking the file called DSM520_2005.11.08-1610__1.01 is a newer version that what you're running.  So you may need to edit the first line of DSM-520VerInfo.txt in the future if D-Link comes out with higher revisions.


update 2007-07-18  Note:  I've recently received an update from a customer that the text file may need to have a new name in the case of rolling back from version 1.04 firmware.  Instead of being "DSM-520-VerInfo.txt", it should be "DSM520-VerInfo.txt" with no '-' between the DSM and 520.  So if this procedure isn't working, please try renaming the text file by removing the first '-' between the DSM and 520.

update 2007-07-20  If you want to get a different version of the D-Link firmware, you should be able to find it here:

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