HP Media Vault Open Source and GPL components

The open source tool chain and the GPL source for the HP Media Vault (MV1) version can be found here (please download both files):

Oxford_GPL_1359.tar.gz (HP Media Vault GPL source files and tool chain - version   -  214 MB .gz file)
Oxford_GPL_Update3.zip (Compiling instructions, source tree updater-  209 KB .zip file)

Put both files in the same directory.  You should unzip the Oxford_GPL_Update3.zip first.  It contains 3 files: 

You should carefully read the README_FIRST.txt file which contains the instructions on how to use the other files.  It contains the information you need to compile the source tree.  The Oxford_GPL_1359-K03_1015.tar.gz file needs to be applied after untarring the source tree (Oxford_GPL_1359.tar.gz)  prior to compiling it as explained in the README_FIRST.txt file. The sample_install_sh.txt file is an example to follow if you wish to automate the steps contained in the README_FIRST.txt file using a script, but it is recommended that you perform the steps manually first.  Using an install script is optional.

You should be familiar with Linux and  have a Linux distribution such as RedHat or Fedora core that has appropriate build tools.  Ubuntu will work too, but you will have to use apt-get to install some build tools.  That will become apparent if you try to compile and get errors that it couldn't find certain tools.   Chris S. has also provided some useful tips for compiling the image if you're using Ubuntu.

Many thanks to Karl B. for his excellent work in finding and fixing issues with the source tree and Makefiles and for debugging the source release. 

The package for the MV2 can be found here.  Its MD5SUM is D216FCD9BB269415EE06F506167D2CE4 and it is a 292 MB tar.gz file. 

I don't have any other details about it in terms of how it compiles or if there are any Makefiles included with it.


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