Screen Shots of the HP Media Vault (MV1) Menu System

Below are some screen shots of the menu system with brief descriptions of how the menus work.  By scrolling through the screen shots, it will give you a feeling for how the HP Media Vault can be configured.

Shared folders menu:  Create, Modify or Delete shared Folders.  Please note, on the current firmware version, Network computers are now separated so that NFS and CIFS access can be enabled/disabled separately.  CIFS is for Windows, NFS is a Unix file sharing protocol.


Shared Printers folder:  Shows any USB printers that may be connected to the Media Vault.  Connecting a USB printer will automatically share it on the network.


Media streaming menu:  Enable or disable the uPnP AV (DLNA) media streamer.   The Reset Media Streaming button rebuilds the internal database.  Any new files added to streaming enabled folders automatically have their content scanned and made available for streaming.

Disk Settings Menu:  This allows you to add, format, rename or erase disks and create or modify Volumes.  Volumes can be portions of a disk (basic),  spanned across disks (concatonated), or mirrored across two disks.  You can also change the size of a volume even after you've set it up and have begun adding data to it.  Shaded areas show how much of the disks are full.  Volumes and Non-allocated space are color-coded.


Network Settings Menu.  This menu allows you to change the name of the Media Vault or the WorkGroup name.  You can also change security from WorkGroup mode to User-based mode here.  You can also set up the IP address and related parameters or just leave it set to DHCP so that it automatically finds the Gateway, Subnet mask, etc..


User Settings Menu:  Set or reset the Admin Password or optionally setup and modify  user access privileges for each folder (when in User-based mode).


System Settings Menu:  Update firmware, restore defaults, adjust power saving mode, set clock time and time zone, etc.


Please note that there is a 'Help' button on each of these pages which will open a help file.  Click Here to view the entire help file.


This is a screen shot of a web browser view of the files.  You can access your files from anywhere if you set up your router for port forwarding to your HP Media Vault.  Folders can be enabled for read only or read/write access.  They can also be password protected.  You can host some web pages directly from your HP Media Vault if you like.

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