Posting to the BOR class of 1977 Weblog

Sunday February 01, 2009 10:30 AM

These instructions are intended to help to encourage more people  to post to the Bishop O'Reilly Class of 1977  weblog.  We all really want to hear from other class members and many have been invited to participate, but only a  small handful of you have acted upon it.  Some of the reluctance might be a lack of  computers skills.  Some of it might be related to a  lack of writing skills, but I suspect that most of it is related to a 'fear of public speaking' which for many is worse than the fear of death.  

We all experienced something more profound than the fear of public speaking when we attended Catholic high school, so I'd like to offer this short tutorial as a way to help ease the burden by reminding you that you are sharing your thoughts and feelings with people with whom you have a common connection.  Your postings will be appreciated by those people have demonstrated a love and acceptance of you more than you will ever realize.

The first thing you need before posting to the weblog is a free user ID on Blogger.   So please go to Blogger and request a user name if you haven't done so already.  Use a name and password that you can remember (perhaps one that matches your email login, if available).   Then you can email me to ask for an invitation by letting me know your Blogger ID name and I'll get you set up as a member of this group.  In the meantime, you may want to set up your own personal blog, if you like, since it's free with your membership to Blogger.  After you get an invitation from me, the next time you log into Blogger, you'll be able to post to the Bishop O'Reilly Class of 1977 Weblog.

The really nice thing about the blog is that if you want to post something, you can edit it a as often as you'd like by 'previewing'  it.  When you're done you can 'publish' it.  There is even a spell checker.  However, even if you've found that you made an error, you can come back and re-edit your work at any time.  You can even delete the whole thing!  Just remember that after you 'preview', then you must 'publish' to get it to appear in our blog.  If you would just like to save it as a Draft and come back later and finish it, you can do that too.

If you'd like to make your posting even more interesting, you can embed hyperlinks, pictures, or emoticons.  To add hyperlinks, you just need to highlight the text you want to point to a website, and then click on the 'chain link' icon on the top of  the composing window.  Then you can type in the link (or paste it) and the word you've highlighted will let people go directly to the site you want them to see.    The emoticons link is basically the same idea, except that you're inserting a graphic image.  Adding pictures involves nearly the same principle. The composing window has improved significantly since we started using Blogger and you can see it here:

If you're wondering about what to write, please just tell us what's on your mind or share an observation or a story.  We're always interested in what other class members have going on in their lives, so don't hesitate to tell us.

I hope these instructions help a few more of our class members participate in the weblog!

Best regards,