HP DVD Movie Writer Revision Log
27-Sept-2008 Added links to Showbiz updates provided by Graham L.
14-Jan-2008 Added section about Vista issues and 64-bit OSes
20-Oct-2006 Changed messages about increasing virtual memory to max of 4096 MB (previously it was 2048MB)
22-May-2005 Added information on DVD media and warned about generic brands
04-May-2005 Added a section on how to use HP's new LightScribe technology with the DVD Movie Writer.
12-Apr-2005 Added a link to a new version of vobapi.dll to the Showbiz Update section.
23-Mar-2005 Changed latest version of firmware for dc5000 drive (dvd630c) from ah26 to ch16.
22-Jan-2005 Added link in Product Review section to article for dc5000 winning PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award
21-Jan-2005 Added a section on third party support.
20-Jan-2005 Added a section dedicated to Cardbus/PCMCIA USB 2.0 adapters.
30-Dec-2004 Updated Video Quality issues sections to reflect new features of the dc5000.
27-Dec-2004 Added a section on how to cut video into smaller segments.
11-Nov-2004 Continued updating the FAQ to differentiate between the dc3000/dc4000/dc5000 by making distinctions where necessary.
19-July-2004 Announced availability of Showbiz downloadable updates for the dc3000 and dc4000
8-July-2004 Added new dc4000 failure mode of the RCA jacks shorting to the valid video light section.
28-May-2004 Added a section on muting the audio with Showbiz.
20-Apr-2004 Added a section on forcing an NEC USB 2.0 driver for NEC-based cards
14-Apr-2004 Added a section on dc3000/dc4000 comparisons.
6-Apr-2004 Added section on disabling IMAPI.
1-Apr-2004 Added note to the unexpected audio loss section about upgrading to DirectX 9.0b.  Began adding dc4000 references.
30-Mar-2004 Added a new utility called devfilter.exe to the utils page to check on the filter drivers for CD/DVD writers.
23-Mar-2004 Added a section on the valid video light blinking, a section on audio distortion after editing, and a section on the AFS2K.sys driver.
23-Mar-2004 Added a section about having an unexpected folder on the desktop after dc3000 installation.
21-Mar-2004 Added a section on audio muting caused by Windows Messenger
21-Mar-2004 Began keeping revision log