LongEZ Satellite Portable

I initially had this page linked just to the ham radio portion of my website.  However, if you got here from the aviation part of my website, an explanation is in order.  I am communicating with other people around the U.S., Canada, and Mexico through a LEO (a low-earth orbit) satellite.  You can read a little more about this from the write-up in Wired Magazine where Steve Silberman explains in layman's terms what I'm doing.

I am shown here operating from Ft. Morgan, CO on the UO14 ham radio satellite from the relatively rare gridsquare of DN80.  I was in DN81 for the next pass (Sidney, NE) and was back home in DN70 before 1:00 p.m. We left Greeley around 9:40a.m. and covered a total distance of over 250 miles in less than 3 hours.   You can see my friend Don's LongEZ is in the background.  

The following week, we flew over  the Rockies to Walden, CO to activate DN60 on AO27 and UO14.  DN60 is also a very rare gridsquare.  

Don's Long EZ over eastern Colorado

This is a picture taken from my LongEZ looking out at Don's LongEZ in flight.

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