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How to remove a mirror


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This option removes a mirror of an existing volume on one of the HP Media Vault’s hard disks.

Removing a mirror erases all of your duplicated content saved to a mirrored volume. When you remove a mirror, you create unallocated storage space; however, you also lose a duplicate copy of a volume.

To access the Disk Settings screen:

  • Double-click the HP Media Vault icon on your desktop.
  • Click Customize your HP Media Vault’s settings.
  • If the Welcome Screen appears, click Configure Device.
  • Click the Disk Settings tab.

To remove a mirror:

  1. Select the mirrored volume you want to remove by clicking the Select a Volume drop-down list.
  2. Click Remove Mirror.
  3. A screen shows you which mirrored volume you selected to remove. To select a different volume, click the Remove mirrored volume drop-down list.
  4. Checkboxes display the hard disks that contain the source and mirrored volumes. Click on the hard disk from which you want to remove the mirrored volume.
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