Revision History for the de100c FAQ
20-Oct-2009 Put in a link to download the new recovery CD ISO image. This recovery CD will cause the DEC to point at the FreeDB CD lookup server since the Gracenote server is no longer responding.
28-Sep-2009 Added a buy/sell section to the FAQ. Email me if you wish to list a dec in this section.
7-Sep-2009 Added CSS formatting around FAQ because it was getting too wide on large screens.
1-July-2008 Added TV Settings info from Gary Affleck.
28-Feb-2006 Tried to make the instability part of the FAQ easier to read by putting bullets on the symptoms.  It seems that at least once a week we get a posting to the Yahoo Group for  problems that are fixed with a failsafe recovery.
05-Sept-2005 Made the following changes in the Developer's Information Page: Removed links to dec developer's mailing because it is no longer maintained, added reference to SMB password for MAC OS 10.4.
22-Jan-2005 Added MP3 Tag Studio to end of the backup section on ID3 taggers.
15-Jan-2005 Added new page link to the CPU replacement section.  Also added a warning about exceeding 10,000 tracks in the same genre in the Hard Drive replacement section.
7-Jan-2005 Added SDRAM memory test iso image and link to instructions to Memory, Adding SDRAM section.
26-Dec-2004 Added note in the network card replacement section about the 3com card which required some edits to the modules.conf file.
3-Oct-2004 Added D-Link RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ card to network card replacement section.
5-Sept-2004 Added sections on ID3 taggers in the backup section and more information on troubleshooting power supply issues.
10-July-2004 Added a page on how to use putty, a terminal emulator useful for many things in the developer's page.
28-Jun-2004 Added a page to show how to modify the Featured iRadio Stations.  Added a link to BurnAtOnce, a free tool for burning iso images, in the Recovery CD instructions.  Modified the remote control section to indicate that the discrete on/off codes now work with the full shutdown kernel.
1-Jun-2004 Minor edits of the failsafe recovery instructions.
14-Apr-2004 Added a page on disk cloning.  Updated the essentials package with an automated script.
3-Mar-2004 Added essentials package to the Developer's page for quickly recovering modifications after a failsafe or recovery CD operation
14-Dec-2003 Added note to failsafe recovery area to discourage other options that depended on having an Autoupdate server since it is no longer on-line.
13-Nov-2003 Added section on Hard drive replacement and CDRW drive replacement.
12-Nov-2003 Added a downloadable iso image for overwriting the BIOS.
07-Nov-2003 Added section on CPU replacement.
04-Nov-2003 Added sections on SDRAM memory upgrades and network card replacement.
02-Nov--2003 Added section on the DEC's power supply pinout.
01-Nov-2003 Added section in Developer's Information on the unexpected password prompt that some Win2K and XP users have been reporting.   Also added a section on support for the Slimp3.
09-Oct-2003 Added links on erasing the serial flash and on ordering the recovery CD from HP.
19-Aug-2003 Added a section on how to install rpms on the dec.  Also, I've been trying to update information to reflect the fact that the unlock date (8-1-2003) has already passed.
17-May-2003 Scott Lee has provided a kernel that powers the dec down completely.
2-Mar-2003 Added SSH installation procedure link.  Fixed reference to Apache::MP3 so people did not think they had to visit the main Apache::MP3 site to get files.  All the files needed are on Jeff Monk's site.  Also added a few more commands under the Friendly Links section on how to reconfigure the mappings so that they can be used with the Apache::MP3 server.  Added section on Scott's new kernel.
1-Mar-2003 Added step-by-step provided by Raymond Day to change iRadio server.
11-Feb-2003 Added section to Portable MP3 Player download support to indicate that no new portable supported and a link to the developers section on adding them manually.
9-Feb-2003 Started keeping track of changes on the FAQ with this 'what's new' page.  Updated several parts of the de100c developer's page.  Namely, added a section on Real Video 9 Helix decoder based on Alan Pippin's information.  Added instructions on changing from CDDB to Freedb.  Referenced Dave Orth's further development of Phil's web interface for the dec.