Revision History for the FT100 FAQ
7-Sep-2009 Reformatted FAQ with CSS/PHP to make it more readable on wide monitors.
22-Jan-2005 Removed several dead links and updated those that had been forwarded.
24-Jan-2004 Added a Chevy Blazer mobile installation for Barry, W4WB to the mobile section  and a Palm m505  control program for the FT100D to the CAT section written by Andre, HB9FBD
21-Sep-2003 Added link to pdf file of  ATAS 120 Technical Supplement
26-Aug-2003 Added KG5U's Saturn SC2 mobile installation to the mobile section.
9-Aug-2003 Fixed or removed broken links
28-Jul-2003 Added new installation from Brian, K2BJ.  Added advice from Joe, K0OG on how to remove the 'extra' band from the up/down list.
2-Jul-2003 Added Logger32 to the list of CAT programs that support the FT100
15-Mar-2003 Peter Pfisterer, DH1NGP, informed me that the SuperControl program has been updated to allow the FT100 to work better with satellite communications.
24-Feb-2003 Added photos from Ron, W8RJL, of the most recent factory mods.
16-Feb-2003 Added page/photos for Keith, G7DNT/M3DNT FT100/ATAS VW installation
19-Jan-2003 Added link to a more recent set of photos under the factory modifications page.
26-Nov-2002 Added section on Transmit problems on 80-160M and a link to N1MM's contest logger
30-Jul-2002 Added link to mailing list etiquette.
22-Jul-2002 Added more information provided by Frank, PA4FR, to the repeater offset section.
26-Jun-2002 Added link to the OTT product in the AT11 section
23-May-2002 Added link for SuperControl CAT software and redirected link to WM0F's mobile installation
19-May-2002 Added WM0F photos to mobile installation
5-May-2002 Added section on John Hansen's Universal QSY'er keypad frequency entry for the FT100
7-Apr-2002 Changed U.S. Yaesu contact information due to a move to new location
14-Mar-2002 Added page to show microphone pinout and wiring configuration
7-Feb-2002 Added link to .pdf copy of the FT-100 Owner's Manual
2-Feb-2002 Added image page to help explain band data pigtail section
20-Jan-2002 Added some information on the ATAS100, including whip length and diameter.  Corrected error in DC voltage required for extension from 10.4V to 10.0V.
16-Jan-2002 Corrected statement in factory mods section which stated that the fans came on during V/U receive on more recent FT100 models due to firmware upgrade.
8-Jan-2002 Added links in CAT section to a few new programs written by FT100 list members; added section on improving audio performance
7-Jan-2002 Added link to mobile picture list
5-Jan-2002 Moved to new domain at
26-Dec-2001 Modified thermal mod section
08-Dec-2001 Added section Band Data Pigtail for use with amplifiers
18-Jul-2001 Added section on Extra Bands
7-Jul-2001 Added sections on Factory Mods; TSNs; Firmware Updates; edited Intermittent SWR section; fixed broken links
4-Jul-2001 Updated Temperature sensor modification page
14-Apr-2001 Updated section on Hidden Menu Settings to cover reset of radio if country setting is scrolled through
04-Mar-2001 Added FT-Basic to list of CAT software for the FT100
24-Feb-2001 Added links to an AOL mirrors for two pages with large files (modpics.html and atastech.htm) that were causing download problems for some users.
10-Feb-2001 Changed all references and links from e-Groups to Yahoo Groups
21-Jan-2001 Added chart for factory global settings; updated ATAS-100 section and added link to ATAS-100 patent
14-Jan-2001 Added ATAS-100 Technical Drawing section provided by Rainer, SM5LBR
06-Jan-2001 Added mobile install link to HB9IJC
27-Dec-2000 Modified PSK31 section to show USB as correct mode; Added link to Paul, K0RWU, installation; Added section on VHF/UHF thermistor factory modification with pictures
23-Nov-2000 Included URL for Amcom ATAS100 antenna tuner
22-Nov-2000 Updated the Unsubscribe section of the FAQ
29-Oct-2000 Added diagram for FT100/Soundcard interfacing from Jon, WA2NKF
24-Oct-2000 Added reference to CT-69 under the microphone adapter section
21-Oct-2000 Rewrote the PSK/Soundcard section
28-Sept-2000 Removed DX4WIN from CAT support section


Added section on Sidetone/Beep Volume Adjustment and Microphone Adapter
09-Sept-2000 Fixed reference to serial number encoding to reflect that month letter is shifted by two, i.e., A & B are not used, so January = C, Feb =D, etc.
06-Aug-2000 Added a picture to the section entitled 'Intermittent HIGH SWR icon' to show the factory mod.
31-July-2000 Added FT100D differences
25-July-2000 Added section on AM settings
01-July-2000 Added LogWindows to list of software supporting the FT100
11-June-2000 Fixed a few broken anchor links; changed background to white for easier reading; added LOGic program to CAT control section
23-May-2000 Added sections on ATAS100 autotuning behavior; Mercedes 190E mobile installation link; SWR bargraph interpretation
21-May-2000 Added caution about the ATAS-1/ATAS-2 settings with 80/160 meter bands


Added instructions on how to UNSUBSCRIBE from the FT100 list
5-May-2000 Added sections on CWID with ARTS and band switching with the up/down keys


Added PSK31 section
9-Apr-2000 Added Yaesu email contact information
7-Apr-2000 Added note to Intermittent High SWR section about cap mod.
4-Apr-2000 Began keeping revision history;  Added section on MH36B mic buttons; Added section on Manual Revision numbers; Added note to CAT section about CT62 cable level shifter