Factory mod of the FT100 for High SWR

Toward Front of radio

Toward back of radio

The mod on the left is a thin strip of metal (~.010" thick) that is split lengthwise, soldered to the flat metal shield above and the other half is soldered to the coax shield.  It is attached to the casting with a small screw.  The mod on the right is soldered to the coax shield and you can see the head of the tiny screw fastened to the casting.  The screw is a much better long term solution than adhesive copper tape which tends to lose conductivity over time.  

Here is a link to better close ups of the factory modifications on my friend Bob's radio.

Here's a more recent set of factory mods from Blaine (VE7CQX) with links to much higher resolution closeups.

Another link to a set of photos to fix an SWR problem done to Bill's Shelton's radio in December 2002

And yet another link to a set of photos of mods to Ron Young's radio purchased in December 2002


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