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Revision History for the HP Media Vault FAQ

25-Nov-2009 Updated section on running out of space on an MV2 while UI still shows additional capacity available. Also updated section on recovering data from MV1 drive on a standard Linux System (linked Gerard's C program for displaying volume start points).
27-Sep-2009 Added section to document a procedure to mount an MV2 drive on a Linux system
22-Sep-2009 Added section to the MV2 hacking FAQ to for installing the Transmission Bittorrent Client.
8-Sep-2009 Used CSS and PHP to clean up the site and make it easier to read on wide monitors.
3-Aug-2009 Added "MV1" in many of the top links to help specify whether section applied only to MV1. Added link to a page on clearing the system drive on the MV1.
5-Jun-2009 Added section on how to use Apple's Mac OS X Time Machine with HP Media Vault, also added small icons ( ) to indicate when link opens a new page.
4-Apr-2009 Updated link for new NTI PC Restore CD ISO image to add drivers for Intel's latest Gbit NIC (VEN/DEV = 8086/10CD).
31-Mar-2009 Added link for Peter Bruun's instructions on using the HP Media Vault as a Java application server.
10-Mar-2009 Added a section about 'Firefox black box' problem with the MV2.
21-Feb-2009 Added links for Peter Bruun's instructions on turning the MV2 into a general purpose DB server and prerequisites for it
18-Jan-2009 Modified firmware section for MV2 to use the same files that are available on hp.com and also a method to recover the MV2 keeping the data intact.
15-Jan-2009 Added section on troubleshooting an MV1 if it appears 'dead'.
9-Jan-2009 Added link to a web page for those wanting to add functionality to the MV1
7-Jan-2009 Added link to a web page about hacking the MV2 to turn it into a web server while still retaining its original functionality by Peter B.
18-Nov-2008 Added new page with MV2 internal hard drive upgrade provided by Art H.
11-Oct-2008 Changed MV5000 to MV5020 to reflect the actual model number for European SKU
14-Sept-2008 Added MV5000 Pro (single drive 500 GB) to the MV1/MV2 comparison charts.
27-Aug-2008 Added Media Connect to the DLNA server section.  Also fixed up the Xbox360/PS3 streaming section.
3-Aug-2008 Added a link to the hacking section  on how to install a Debian distribution on the MV2 series.
11-Jul-2008 Added a note on a problem where the MV2 runs out of disk space while there is still space available according to the web interface.
9-Jul-2008 Clarified the firmware update section for the MV2 showing the MD5SUM for the bin file and also making a note that the firmware update mode will put the MV2 at address which is normal.
23-Jun-2008 Added a section on how to replace the MV1's fans should they become noisy.
19-Jun-2008 Added link to MV2 GPL package in the Open Source page.
17-Jun-2008 Added warning in MV1/MV2 comparison section about hacking the MV2 because the root file system is writable and a hard reset won't restore it.  Added warning about FAT32 file corruption on file sets larger than 100GB.
6-May-2008 Added hard reset procedure for MV2.
27-Apr-2008 Added to the section on 'Finding the Media Vault on your network' about resetting the DhcpNodeType in the registry
22-Apr-2008 Added details to the Serial Console section on how to hook up a serial port to the MV2.
17-Apr-2008 Added clarifying text in numerous sections of the FAQ to help differentiate whether it applied to the Generation 1 (MV1) or Generation 2 (MV2) of the Media Vault.
11-Apr-2008 Added a section about hacking and IPKG to provide links to a page and group to discuss those topics.
1-Apr-2008 Added more links to product reviews section about MV2120.  Added a new version of Firefly (1696) to FAQ.  Thanks to Patrick S. and Bob R.
27-Mar-2008 Added link to product reviews section about MV2120.  Also updated telnet section to explain how to SSH into the MV2 series.
23-Feb-2008 Added section explaining why there is no defragmentation needed on the Media Vault.
12-Jan-2008 Updated the page the describes the MV's internal disk format with a link to Steve Pritchard's method for mounting it directly to a Linux system.
8-Jan-2008 Added comparison chart of Generation 1 vs. Generation 2 Media Vault
25-Dec-2007 Added link to HP MediaSmart Server forum.
23-Dec-2007 Added link to a blog entry about running http server on a different port at the end of this section.  Also updated the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 entry to report that the DLNA update allows the PS3 to work with the Media Vault based on a report from the Yahoo user group.
8-Dec-2007 Added a note to the 'Adding capacity to your Media Vault' section to mention that it is not possible to specify which model/manufacturer should be used because the models of SATA drives change so frequently.  Any model/manufacturer should work.
29-Nov-2007 Added some more information to the section that discusses the 1.2 TB maximum addressable limit to explain that it is not a hard limit, but it's best not to push too much beyond this limit.
22-Nov-2007 Added link to ver3 of PC Restore CD ISO image for those experiencing Winbom errors due to missing NIC drivers.   Added link at the end of the software section to a patch that fixes a bug in Shadow version from the ver2 install CD.  The problem it fixes is where Shadow was converting scheduled backups into continuous backups.  The patch will update Shadow to version
21-Nov-2007 Added a page and linked it to the PC Restore CD section to explain how to change the SATA settings in the BIOS in the event of a blue screen when booting from the PC Restore CD.
2-Nov-2007 Updated Vista Issues section with the tip about adding user 'guest' with password 'guest' to get around UAC issue of not being able to execute files directly from the Media Vault.  -  Thanks Lynn!
1-Nov-2007 Updated Open Source/GPL section to include source code and compiling instructions.   Updated PC Restore CD section to mention password issues when attempting to discover Media Vaults on the network.
25-Oct-2007 Added section on how to mount an unmounted volume to recover its data.
5-Oct-2007 Added section to describe disk format layout.
12-Sep-2007 Added a section to the Vista section of the FAQ for overcoming problems running programs directly from the Media Vault when UAC is enabled.
30-Aug-2007 Made note at the end of the NFS/SMB mounting on Linux section to install portmap if it's slow mounting the Media Vault as an NFS share.
  • Cleaned up some of the text in the remote sharing section about the order in which to sign up for a Dynamic DNS service.  Previously it was recommended to join a Dynamic DNS service first, whereas it works better to debug remote sharing using just the IP address first.  Added a link to display external IP address. 
  • Added note in TwonkyMedia  install section to ignore script error if installing version 4.4.1 because there is no longer a /lib directory in Twonky tree. 
  • Cleaned up language in firmware section regarding firmware because it was a little bit confusing.
14-Aug-2007 Updated the version of TwonkyMedia Server downloadable from this website from version 4.3 to version 4.4.  Updated the firmware section to indicate that has been officially released from HP.
4-Aug-2007 Added section on Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 incompatibilities with the Media Vault's internal DLNA server and Twonkyvision's DLNA server.  Updated the Excessive drive activity section to mention the memory leak had been fixed in firmware version
31-July-2007 Added section regarding Windows Media Player 11 and sharing files from the HP Media Vault.
17-July-2007 Added note in the DLNA section to mention incompatibility with newer versions of D-Link DSM-520 firmware beyond version 1.01
4-July-2007 Added some instructions in the hard drive replacement section, to provide a work around for the authentication failure that occurs during a nasload when the admin username and password are set.
18-June-2007 Added some more text to the bottom of the DLNA - Media Streaming section that discusses how to stream files to a PC.  Some people didn't know that you can just mount the folder to the PC.  Added a link to compiling instructions for Firefly in the Firefly section.
13-Jun-2007 Modified sections on adding disk capacity and resizing volumes to explain how the 'spanning' works and also to allow a lot of time for resizing of volumes to complete.
12-Jun-2007 Modified the instructions in Adding Software, Installing Twonky, and Installing Firefly to remove the reference to mounting them on /opt which was causing problems when trying to modify volumes later because the Media Vault would not cleanly unmount Volume1.  Modified the MSRPs in the "Where to buy" section to reflect recent price drop to $299 and $399 for the mv2010 and mv2020 respectively.
4-Jun-2007 Added section on how to do a Linux command line copy from a USB drive attached to the Media Vault to save time over using a Windows drag-and-drop copy which makes two trips over the network.
1-Jun-2007 Added page on installing the Twonky Media Server.  Added reference to the mv2040 1TB product in the 'About the Media Vault' section.  This is a business-oriented product that will be handled through retailers such as CDW.
25-May-2007 Added a section on how to protect the FTP server from hanging the Media Vault during a brute force attack.
20-May-2007 Added sections on adding custom software and on explaining how the startup.sh script works.  Updated Vista Incompatibilities section to mention the need for using User Mode password-protected shares when using the internal Backup utility provided in Vista..
17-May-2007 Added some screenshots of putty and a few Linux commands to the telnet section.  Added link to firmware version to the firmware section.
10-May-2007 Modified the Software/Backup Utilities section to address how to find out which version of NTI Shadow and Drive Backup! software is running and how to update to version 2 of NTI Shadow and Drive Backup.  Simplified the iTunes server (Firefly) installation page to make it easier for Linux newbies to use.
27-Apr-2007 Added more instruction to the section on replacing a hard drive to fix the situation when two Volume1's are present.
18-Apr-2007 Added section on Excessive Disk activity
17-Apr-2007 Added a new section to explain how Drive Backup Scheduler works.
10-Apr-2007 Added a section to discuss Mirroring Tips and added the D-Link DSM-510 to the list of tested DLNA media players.
3-Apr-2007 Modified the section on Backing up up the media vault to include a section on using the mobile rack for off-site storage.
22-Mar-2007 Added more information regarding mirroring to the 'Adding capacity' section to cover the minutes/seconds vs. hours/minutes mirror rebuilding bug in   Also added more details about mirroring, including not relying on it as a 'backup'.
21-Mar-2007 Made mention of the technique of setting a PC's SATA/RAID drive to IDE mode in the BIOS in the event that the PC Restore CD  doesn't recognize it.  Added a note in the printer section to map a drive letter before attempting to access a printer if the MV is set up in User Mode.
20-Mar-2007 Moved 'What's New' link to top of FAQ; added note about VPNs in section on 'Finding the Media Vault on your network',  added notes to the Software Utilities section that Version 2 Install and PC Restore CD images are available for downloading from hp.com. 
28-Feb-2007 Added release notes and Open Source links to firmware section regarding version firmware.
22-Feb-2007 Added new links to latest firmware (under firmware) and to new installation CD under Software Utilities.  Also updated pricing information and UK distributors in the 'Where to buy? section'.
8-Feb-2007 Added a section on how to find your HP Media Vault on your network, including common problems encountered with the discovery mechanism.
25-Jan-2007 Added information on avoiding spaces in Volume names and keeping the Volume name to 11 characters or less in the DLNA Streaming section.
23-Jan-2007 Added more detail in the drive replacement section on using Nasload.exe
13-Jan-2007 Added more information to the sections Adding Capacity regarding position of drive, and to User vs. Workgroup mode about caching of credentials, and more details to Vista Incompatibilities.  Added new sections on PC Restore CD and Web Browsing Mode.
8-Jan-2007 Began keeping revision history for this FAQ.  Added section on backing up the Media Vault.