My name is Lee Devlin. Welcome to my personal website. The “k0lee” part of the URL is my ham radio callsign, in case you’re wondering.  This site contains information related to my hobbies, ‘how to’ articles, and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages for products I worked on at Hewlett-Packard.

My website started out as just a few static web pages, mostly related to ‘how to’ articles and the FAQs. I set up my blog to be my main landing page a few years ago. I gathered up nearly all of the static pages and gave them a more modern look and feel by using some CSS and PHP. As you navigate around the site, you’ll notice a format difference when you’re in a WordPress page like this one, or a static page like one of the FAQ pages.

I was born and grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania near Wilkes-Barre and graduated from Penn State with B.S. and Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering.  I also have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NTU. I now live in Greeley, Colorado which is about 60 miles north of Denver. I do engineering consulting work related to software, mechanical and electrical design. If you need some engineering assistance, feel free to  email me.

My work experience and skills can be found at my LinkedIn page.

I am a full time professor in the Computer Information Systems department at Aims Community College in Greeley. I teach courses related to web design and programming, IT systems, CompTIA A+, and PC applications.

You may contact me using this form: