Damaged Photo Restoration Service


A few months ago, my friend Don showed me a picture he had of himself as a young boy along with his younger sister and older brother. Don will turn 80 this year and it appears he was about 5 in the photo, so it was about 75 years old. The photo had some damage from creases, missing areas, and a few dark spots and he wanted to get it restored but didn’t want to let go of the original since it was irreplaceable. He had an photo scanner sitting next to his computer, so I scanned in the original and emailed it to Jay Yozviak at Photography by Jay, who is the premier photographer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I figured he’d know of a reliable service where the photo could be sent and restored to remove the defects it had accumulated over its 75 year life. You can see an image of the original photo here (you can click on images for higher resolutions versions of them):

Damaged photo needing restoration and touchup work

photo before restoration

I know that Jay is very capable with PhotoShop but didn’t realize that he also does photo restoration as part of his photography business. In a few days, Jay had restored the image and sent back the results. My friend was extremely pleased with how it turned out. As you can see below, the defects are gone.

damaged photo restored

photo after restoration

He also made up a framed version of the image in black-and-white:

old image converted back to black and whilte

Original image converted back to black and white

If you’d like to get a quote on getting your irreplaceable photos restored to their original condition, you can contact Jay at:

Photography by JAY
284 Dennison Street
Swoyersville, PA 18704

If you’re curious how photo restoration is done, here’s a time-lapsed video of someone doing it on YouTube. The video is only a few minutes, but it shows about 6 hours of work:

Picture Keeper Demo


I’ve been planning to do a demo of Picture Keeper using a video screen capture so I could upload it to YouTube. My business partner, Matt, was thinking the same thing because he asked me about it right when I was getting ready to do it. Picture Keeper is very easy to describe, almost too easy, and it’s rare that technology products live up to its ‘simple to use’ hype but I think this demo will show that Picture Keeper is one of the easiest-to-use computer backup products you’ll ever see. The Picture Keeper is a flash device that you plug into your PC (or Mac) that automatically finds your digital pictures and backs them up for safe keeping.

After putting together a 2 minute demo, I uploaded it to YouTube so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use:

The demo is not intended to be a professional commercial, just a way to quickly show how the product works for someone who has never seen it.

In case you’re a geek and want to know how I made this demo, I captured the video screen shots with CamStudio, which is a free download. The video of the actual product was captured with a very simple camera called a Flip. And I am not just the voice over person in the video, but the cameraman and hand model too ;-).

The audio was captured in Goldwave, which allows you to edit and filter the recorded audio and store it as an mp3 file. The video was edited together with Arcsoft’s Showbiz DVD that came with the HP DVD Movie Writer. That’s one of the products I helped design when I worked for HP and for which I maintain a FAQ.

The price of the Picture Keeper is $39.99 for the 4 GB model and $59.99 for the 8 GB model. For a limited time, with the special discount code ‘lee10‘, you can get $10 off when you place your order at PictureKeeper.com.