In my previous home page, I had a number of links in a list, but for this page, I’ll put some verbiage around them. I’ve been flying airplanes for over 20 years. I fly an experimental canard airplane called a Long EZ. Prior to that, I owned a Piper Colt, which I sold after buying the LongEZ. Even before I learned to fly real airplanes, I was interested in learning R/C aircraft but I never got around to it until have I’d been flying for more than 10 years. I learned to fly┬áR/C planes with a Zagi.

The first web page I ever created was a ‘how to’ method for making a composite propeller for experimental aircraft.

Perhaps you’re looking my high school’s class reunion website.

I also have a page that Google finds about making Victory Pig Style pizza.

My other hobbies include motorcycling and ham radio, which is the reason this site is called ‘K0LEE.COM’, because K0LEE is my ham radio callsign and is easy to recognize by other ham radio enthusiasts.