Greeley to Sydney


I took a flight in the LongEZ with my friend Kyle today from Greeley to Sidney, NE and back. Cabela’s is located within a mile from the field and they come out to pick you up with a free shuttle. It only took about 36 minutes to get there, and Kyle was impressed. We hit speeds of over 180 mph on the way thanks to a 20 mph tailwind. The crosswinds at Sidney were pretty lively, 18 kts. gusting to 30 kts. and not exactly down the runway, more like at right angles to it. But we were able to land safely and without too much trouble. He generally drives there about once a year and it takes over 2 and a half hours each way when you drive there.

We ran into my friend Rick Gardner from Greeley there. It’s a small world indeed. He was there giving a seminar on fishing. He’s a professional walleye fisherman with lots of sponsors who provide him with some fancy equipment. We had a nice lunch, resisted much temptation in buying lots of things, and then returned home.

The shuttle driver told us that Cabela’s will be building a 200,000 sq. ft. store in Denver next year. It should be a beauty if it’s anything like the one they have in Sidney.

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