My Attempt at Blogging


Wow, this blog method of capturing up-to-date musings is certainly more convenient than the old way of doing things. I don’t know if I’ll continue on faithfully, but it’s much easier than using FrontPage or editing raw html to keep the site fresh and updated. I actually don’t use FrontPage at home anymore, although I still do at work. I had a version that expired after 50 uses and by that time, I had most of the formatting done. So now I just have a local copy of all my html files in a directory and I edit it with Wordpad, save it, copy it, and then paste it to an open FTP window that links to the web server. In some ways it’s easier but there’s a lot of intermediate saving and looking at the result in a browser since html makes it easy to leave off important formatting characters which will screw up a whole page.

I changed the format of my index page today since I got tired of looking at it. It had a debris trail of the old look and feel that was hard to read. I took out nearly all the text and put it in a table that describes other parts of my web site. I am so embarrassed by my site when I look at what youngsters have been able to do with their web sites from an appearance standpoint. They may be short on content, but the sure do look nice. Many of them have their own domain names and big name web hosting companies handling them. No Geocities, AOL, or @home for them, nosiree. They’d outgrow them in no time at all. I’ve allowed my site to grow to the point where I’m on my second 10MB chunk of @home’s web space. Much of it is eaten up with the FT100 FAQ which is my most visited page.