Well, I’ve decided to ftp this log to my website and might just link it to my webpage. I’ve had it linked before, but I feel a little strange just kind of talking to myself and then letting others see what I’ve been thinking. Almost like having someone read your personal journal. Most blog sites seem like rants or notes to friends, but I like the idea of storing chronological information there for my own future reference.

I have always wanted to experiment with the Basic Stamp products. I recently became aware of a new type of Basic Stamp-like product called a BasicX24 by NetMedia and so I got one yesterday along with the Development station and am quite pleased with how quickly one can develop smalled embedded projects. It’s the same cost as the Basic Stamp II, but much more capable. The language and development environment remind me a lot of Visual Basic and so the syntax and tools are very modern-looking. It takes nearly no time to make changes and get it up and running. It’s not something that you’d want to use for developing final products with because of the overhead cost of each BX24 ($49) but it’s great for prototyping ideas. It might also be appropriate for small numbers of products because it would be easy to support it. Someone with very little knowledge could easily come up to speed quickly and with a little documentation be ready to support a custom embedded design.