Back from Oshkosh…


I got back from Oshkosh this weekend and was relieved to find it to be a rather uneventful return trip, unlike last time. It was pretty nice weather, overall, but when I landed in Algona, IA, I did notice that there was some weather across most of Nebraska, and planned to travel north of it. I was getting tailwinds, which I know threatens the credibility of this writing since I was traveling westward and having tailwinds in that direction is pretty rare. I had them going to Oshkosh too. OK, I know my credibility is shot because getting tailwinds in both direction on a single trip pushes the limits of believability.

There were a number of interesting things to see and do at Oshkosh, and I’ll see if I can find some YouTube videos to give you a better sense of what it was like. To start off, here is one of the new Eclipse Concept Jet, which looks remarkably like the V-Jet that was the genesis for their first plane, the Eclipse 500, which morphed into a more conventional-looking aircraft as it got closer to production.

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