The Cost of Installing a Residential Solar System


The website owners at had asked me to write an article related to solar energy, since they were familiar with my renewable energy articles on this site and liked the way I wrote them. Based on the quality of the other solar energy articles I found on the site, I was happy to do it. The article is entitled “How much does it cost to install solar on an average U.S. house?” My goal in writing the article was to explain to a lay person how much one should expect to spend on a photovoltaic (PV) solar system capable of supplying a household’s electrical needs.

In Colorado solar panels on the roofs were a common sight back in the 70’s and 80’s when the government was offering attractive subsidies for solar systems. Mostly they were hot water-based thermal collectors because PV cells were much too expensive for the amount of power they generated. Now with the increasing cost of natural gas and electricity, solar power is making a comeback and this time it’s likely to stay because as utility costs have increased, the cost of PV solar systems has dropped dramatically. The equipment that lets you connect a PV system to a household electrical system has also grown more sophisticated, allowing you to sell power back to the electric company during peak solar generating times. This essentially causes your electric meter to spin backwards and can reduce your electricity bill down to nothing. The article has many more details and so I recommend you head over to to check it out as well as many other solar-related topics.

2 thoughts on “The Cost of Installing a Residential Solar System

  1. My cousin just got done building his house. He put a solar system in it. The roof was a large tank, and water was kept in it. Supposedly the roof would get hot from the sun, and heat the water.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Yes, probably the most popular solar systems are for heating water. You could use the system to reduce your hot water bill, or in some cases, store the water and use it to heat the whole house. I’ll be writing another article for on that topic soon.

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