Energy and Entconnect


I am trying to recruit one of my favorite gurus to attend the EntConnect conference this year. If you’re into electronics, you’ve no doubt heard of Don Lancaster. Don is a prolific writer and has written numerous columns in most of the electronics hobbiest magazines over the years. He’s also authored numerous electronics books such as the TTL Cookbook and the CMOS Cookbook. Nowadays, his columns can be found on his website.

Don was responsible for my finding out about Midnight Engineering magazine and so he’s indirectly responsible for my involvement with the EntConnect conference. Similarly, many other conference attendees give him credit for their discovery of it as well.

My favorite articles that Don writes about are related to energy, especially his energy fundamentals article. He recently followed it up with another one entitled more energy fundamentals. I also appreciate his take on patents.

I’ve asked him to run a banner ad on his site for the conference. I’ve combined two elements that are distinctly Don, the aqua blue color of his website and the word ‘tinaja’. We’ll see if he chooses to run it as is or if I’ll be doing some editing of it. You can see the example below. And…if you’re interested in coming to EntConnect, please note the discount code available in the banner ad when you register.