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I wanted to put this entry together for a few weeks, but felt a little funny submitting it back then because it’s about a TV show called American Chopper that hasn’t yet aired. I got to see a new bike they designed and was there for the unveiling. This will be the topic of tomorrow night’s (March 29 episode as well as the following week’s episode) and I felt like it might be a bit of a spoiler to post it too early, but now that the “eve is upon us” as they say, I thought it would be OK to post a few pictures of the HP Bike.

The bike is absolutely stunning, among the best I’ve ever seen, and it was such a thrill to be there for the unveiling and to see the Teutul’s up close and personal like that. It was quite an unexpected treat.

I’ve been watching the show for a few years myself and I find it very entertaining, mostly because of the family dynamics of Paul Teutul and his sons. This was initially not intended to be the attraction of the show, but once you get hooked into the drama, it’s like you become a member of this family. You almost wish you worked there, and then at other times, you’re glad that you don’t.

Here’s full 60 second version of the OCC commercial HP had on the Superbowl from YouTube:

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