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  • Amish Heat Surge Miracle Heater Scam

    Posted on December 19th, 2008 Lee Devlin 233 comments

    I saw a two-page ad in the Rocky Mountain News this week about some new miracle heater called the ‘Amish Heat Surge‘ and it fell into the category of things that sounded to me to be ‘just a little fishy’. Later I saw a commercial for the same product. Sure enough, after doing some calculations, I figured out that this is just a scam to overcharge people for a cheap electric heater made in China. Searching the Internet, I found a few unhappy customers who fell for it. Even though the heaters are ‘free’, you pay $298 for the ‘Amish authentic wood mantles’ that enclose them. In reality, there’s no reason to wrap an electric heater with a wooden box or mantle. It also has some sort of fake fire effect. Oh, and shipping costs $50 EACH. And they’ll stick you with an extended warranty for $28 each. So for around $770, you’d get a pair of heaters that do the same thing as a pair of $27 electric heaters you can pick up at Wal-Mart.

    A 5,119 BTU/hr heater generates about 1/20th the heat produced by a household furnace. It will draw 1.5 kW. For every hour this thing runs, it will cost about $.15 in electricity, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but over a 730 hour month, that adds up to an extra $108 on your electric bill. Electric resistive heat is the most expensive way to heat a house. It costs about twice as much per BTU as natural gas heat. Just to put it in another perspective, a 2,100 sq. ft. house in my home state of Colorado uses about 6 therms of natural gas a day in the coldest winter months. At the current gas price of $1.20 per therm, a typical gas bill is $216/month during the winter months. To heat your house to the same temperature with this electric heater, you’d need to have 5 of these heaters operating at the high setting 24 hours a day. The additional monthly charges on your electric bill for just the heaters would be $540!

    This heater can be yours for only $385

    This heater produces the same amount of heat and costs $27 at Walmart

    The ad talks about only using it to heat zones, which can save on your heating bill, of course, but only at the expense of having some of the rooms in your home being uncomfortably chilly. And you can’t really completely turn off your central furnace without the risk of pipes freezing. In other words, if you put a heater like this in the room that has your furnace’s thermostat, and thus your furnace never comes on, you may freeze pipes in a remote part of the house.

    The ad is full of high pressure sales nonsense, such as requiring a special savings code that expires in 48 hours, or you’d otherwise pay $587 each! There is a limit of 2 per household and they need to ‘turn away dealers’ because they can’t keep up with demand.

    If you’re one of the people reading this article who bought an Amish Heat Surge heater, please note that I mean no disrespect to you. I’m just tired of con artists using slick advertising to suck people into buying things that aren’t worth a fraction of the sales price.


    233 responses to “Amish Heat Surge Miracle Heater Scam”

    1. We’re an established company with millions of satisfied customers whose focus is to exceed customer expectations.

      To accomplish this, along with other successful methods, we’ve set up a Web site to share the facts about our company at http://heatsurge.wordpress.com to address any questions or concerns you may have.

    2. Hi Lee,
      I also question the validity of these ‘new world’ Amish shown. Don’t most Amish shy away from being photographed? And why not say that it’s a Chinese heater when the Amish don’t use electricity? I guess people need an Amish 101 course and I hope they don’t buy.
      A Quaker in Pennsylvania

    3. The first comment on this blog entry was left within a 2 hours of my posting it by a representative of the company. My guess is that he is a PR professional hired by the company and he uses tools like Google Alerts to respond quickly to criticisms that are springing up in the blogosphere about the company’s business practices.

      Any company that has the wherewithal to take out full page spreads in major newspapers isn’t going to sit by idly and let a few bloggers get in the way.

      My objection to the company is that it uses deceptive advertising practices such as:

      1. Implied scarcity of the product (and then trying to sell 2 to each customer).
      2. Misrepresenting the potential for energy savings.
      3. Significantly overcharging for the heater based on the price of products that perform the same function.
      4. Associating the company with the Amish in an effort to coopt attributes like honesty, hard work, integrity, and high quality workmanship.
      5. Inducing the customer to act quickly with a “discount code” that expires in 48 hours.
      6. Upselling an extended warranty.
      7. Implying that UL certification for a heater is ‘coveted’. No legitimate company would sell a heater in the U.S. without it.
      8. Implying that customers are getting something for ‘free’, when free means spending a minimum of $385.

      I thought that this kind of nonsense went out in the 1970′s when the TV Guide was full of miracle products that didn’t live up to their advertising.

      I figured that the Internet would help undo this tendency of over-the-top advertising claims, but I can see that even the Internet can be used for similar chicanery like setting up fake blogs.

      I have no commercial interest in writing about this heater or the company. My only goal is to point out the misleading advertising statements and let potential customers draw their own conclusions.

    4. As for the comment about the ‘new world’ Amish, I didn’t specifically address the Amish connection in my posting. I used to live in Lancaster County, PA which has one the highest concentration of Amish in the U.S.. Our property bordered on an Amish farm. We have purchased a lot of our furniture from Amish craftsmen, and they do very nice work (and charge accordingly).

      Their workshops use the latest wood working equipment and electricity generated by off-the-grid diesel generators.

      Amish need to make money just like everyone else. I don’t know if these cabinets are made by real Amish or not, but like I mentioned, Amish use modern equipment and factories to produce furniture and I’ve been in these factories myself, so they may be making them under contract for this company. I would doubt that any Amish company is directly affiliated with Heat Surge other than as a supplier of cabinets.

      I would venture to guess that the image they have of the Amish folks in the wooden barn working with hand tools in no way represents a real factory where the mantles are produced. The image of the buggy delivering cabinets 3 at a time is amusing. The Amish have no aversion to owning and using trucks to deliver products (they just don’t drive them themselves).

    5. Hi Lee,

      Chris Pugh is from a reputation company, I’m sure.

      The (Most sects) Amish DO NOT allow themselves to be photographed. The image on the posting is likely a fake.

      I would guess the mantles are NOT made by the Amish, and are, instead made in factories in China or something. The way I see it, the demand for those things would be too high for an all Amish workforce to build with “genuine” Amish techniques in barns, using horse drawn carriages to pull the mantles 3 at a time to wherever.


    6. By the way, that image on the wordpress blog of the company is photoshopped. Compare the quality of the heater to that of the surrounding image. In fact, it looks like some of the people may have been inserted into a blank barn scene.

      I’m amazed that a company who can get a response out to a small blog out in a matter of hours can’t photoshop an image worth squat.


    7. The add came in wall street journal today. I bthought it is free, That is how the add sound unless you read carefully. Thanks to original blogger I am not bothered to call them now. Thanks.

    8. What a crock. Amish my butt. What a scam. Why do people think that “Amish” makes it more durable, better crafted and a quality product. Wake up people! It’s just a piece of Chinese junk with marketing to appeal to you gullible rubes.

    9. Personally, I love the image on the heatsurge blog. Apparently, they have the heaters plugged in and on while they work on them. Wouldn’t all that miracle heat make the barn too toasty?

    10. I brought 2 of these heaters 1 1/2 years ago & both heaters are down & I can’t get parts for them, therefor they are just junk. Paul

    11. Marie Brigham

      I bought the heatsurge last year for my cold bedroom, thought it was nice at first. Then when ever I used it I started coughing. Thought it was in my head, but now my beautiful bedroom walls and ceilings are covered with a soot like substance. Had furnace guy out today..Has to be the heatsurge as I have radiant floor heating and baseboard heating. I am so mad,am calling them tomorrow for full refund. Iwill let you know…….

    12. [...] Artists at it Again Posted on August 4th, 2009 Lee Devlin No comments Last year I wrote a blog article about a Miracle Amish Heater that generated a ton of traffic. I was even interviewed by the New York Times as a result of that [...]

    13. They just scammed my 76yr old father into buying everything X2. They ran a full page add in a city paper claiming that you had to act to day and get a second fireplace free. He fell for it hook line and sinker. They sold him the mantle mirror hearth & corner unit and charge him $3000.00 for the privilege.

    14. Gosh, I’m glad I happened on these blogs, I was gonna buy 2 this year. Thanks Guys

    15. How can they get away with putting ads in National Geographic? I mean, National Geographic turns away tobacco ads, and this is a lot worse than a tobacco ad. I hate companies like this!

    16. Hi Kevin, Getting ad space in all the major newspapers and magazines is expensive and allows this company to tap into the goodwill those publications have with readers. I see it as an act of desperation on the part of the publications to get more advertising dollars in tough times. When I was interviewed by the NYT about this article, I asked if they had taken money from these folks. They had. But because of journalistic integrity, they couldn’t simply ignore anyone who might have an alternate view on the company and so the article they wrote was balanced with alternate viewpoints. That moved my opinion of the NYT up a few notches.

    17. I don’t know how this can be true. I see these adds in every magazine and newspaper each week. They say you have 48 hours with a special code yet the add appears every week. I would definitely stay away from this one!

    18. Well I knew it had to be a scam, I mean free? Call in the first 48 hours? remined me of some coin thing i fell for about 2 yrs. ago. And be sure to call in the next 48 hours!!! Well I did just to gril them, expain to them about false advertising, and explain that a lawsuit could be in the works! I couldn’t believe the wall street journal would put this in their paper… These company’s target the old, get credit card numbers and exploit these people with upsells! I asked the snake I was talking to to just send me a free heater then and she explained the heaters were not free like mentioned(somewhere around 250). And were only free if you purchased a 300 dollar mantle. I told her she was bogus, and then she tried to sell me a scratch and dent for 200, on a payment plan. Take it and shove it up your “miracle amish” heat vent! I will look into a class action lawsuit!

    19. Amish people do not have button on their shirts and the don’t wear polo shirts.

      The people in the ads are not Amish.

    20. When I saw the first ad, I knew this was a hoax, because anyone that knows anything about the “true” Amish, knows that they will not be photographed or video taped due to religious beliefs. If you have ever seen a photo of Amish, did you ever take notice it is from a distance, and usually a side or rear view shoot – because they will NOT pose for a camera. I know, I lived near Lancaster, PA for 40 plus years. Unfortunately, the vast major of the population doesn’t know this and fall for the scam. Isn’t that false advertising, should we contact the state’s attorney general fro the state in which they operate? Spread the word.

    21. Lee,
      Thank you soooo much for posting this info and for the other helpful commenters. I was lured by the ad, but wanted to do some more investigation before I purchased one, and I found this site very helpful in uncovering the truth. I am also sick of this unethical advertising and hope they are heaping hot coals on their heads for this scandal. Thank you again so much!

    22. I have had a Heat Surge fireplace for over a year now and I love it. I paid 200. and free shipping by putting my email addy on the Heat Surge website. Then they email you special offers. I have had no problems with it and I love the free remote control that came with it. I have checked my electric bills the last year and a half and they did not go up when I used the Heat Surge. I live near the Amish community that makes the fireplace mantles and accessories. They are made down near MIllersburg, Ohio. There are may orders of Amish and many do use buttons, snaps, and zippers on their clothes. They also use power tools that are run by generators. The Amish on the ads may be fake but I have see the Heat Surge Amish and been to their building where the Heat Surge mantles and accessories are made. The heaters may be made in China but the Amish do make the mantles and accessories. I am not an employee of Heat Surge. I just thought that someone should post about the good Heat Surge fireplaces they bought. I also bought the Heat Surge grill they offer. I won’t ever use a regualar propane grill again.

    23. Yet another thanks you for posting this information. I miss my real fireplace so much, the glowing fireplace ads did attract me. Was about to toss an old (Sept 30th NYT) this morning when spotted full page ad run in that issue. Discovered your article — many thanks.
      Especially the link to Holmes Ceramic Heaters –
      Guess I just have to part with yearning for cozy flameless fire… Sorry NYT, and National G are so hard up for ad dollars that they would run ads from scam outfits as this one clearly is.
      - Grateful Unrooked Senior

    24. They sell you an Amish heater that is scratch or dent…..don’t believe them! When it arrives it is a refurbished heater; not scratch or dent. Apparently they don’t know the difference between refurbished and scratch or dent. Don’t believe anything this company tells you!

    25. When I first saw the newspaper Ads for these heaters, the one in the foreground, being “worked on” by one of the Amish men, appeared much larger than all of the others in the barn.
      Again, a PhotoShop trick to get you to believe that the unit is of a substantial size.

      In actuality, the unit is about 3′ long by 2′ high, and about 12″ deep, The wood is stained to resemble either oak or cherry, but is not a genuine species of that tree. Another “First” for Made in China.

    26. Rebecca Lemings

      I am not sure which part of Amish country they found their workers. In the area of Upstate NY that I grew up you would not have been able to find an Amish farmer that spoke such clear English without a thick German accent, nor would they have used the pneumatic nail guns you can see in the background of the TV advertisement. They also would not constuct something that would use electric when they themselves do not use electric. The cardboard box in the back of the horse and carriage was a real treat too.

      That said, I would like to thank the marketers for providing such a clear oportunity to explain to my children what false advertisement is.

    27. Thank you so much. I rec’d the ad today in my sales paper. I live in Arkansas and was especially interested in the heater. I was really sucked in and rearranging funds in order to pay for it. I thought I’d better check it out first and happened up on your site. GOD BLESS YOU! I am so over them and their bogus ad. How do they know when the 48hrs. are supposedly over anyway? I am not well versed on the amish, however what I do know is that they will not allow themselves to be photographed and know about it. Oh yes, since when did they start promoting electricty?

    28. I too am thinking of purchasing one of these heaters, and after reading your blog was very concerned, so……..I went to the web site selling the Amish heat surge units. Guess what? They have the Good Housekeeping seal! Now for those of you who don’t know what that is, Good Housekeeping is one of the BEST voices for consumers. If a product has their seal, they have made sure that it’s tried & true to its statements. Also, if you purchase an item with the Good Housekeeping seal, Good Housekeeping guarantees you a 100% refund for any product that doesn’t hold true for you for up to 2yrs after the purchase! So……just to make sure this wasn’t “photo shopped” into the heat surge advertisement, I went directly to the Good Housekeeping web site. Guess what! It’s there! The Amish heaters are truely backed by the Good Housekeeping seal! So, for all of you folks (like me) who were almost swayed by this blog that apparently didn’t do their homework, there’s your facts. Good day.

    29. Todd Zeigler: You are correct. I think the people in the photos are not the Amish, they are the “Scamish”! LOL

    30. I have an idea for the “engineering genius” in China who invented this miracle heater: The next version, the next generation could include a Cosmic Ray flux capacitor to retrieve and store energy from space! That extra, free energy could then be routed to the heating element to generate even more heat!
      In fact, Hazel Schwartz (posted on Oct 13) may in fact have one of these units because she said her electric bills did not go up when she used the Heat Surge!!! That unit may be running on this free energy from Space!

    31. Hey what do you know about the Eden Pure Heater? Is it the real deal or not?

    32. I just read that the CZ infrared heaters are the best. It’s the only heater that I have found good comments on.

    33. I bought one of these 1 year ago. It only worked for about 2 months. It keeps kicking off. And it does not save any more power than a regular heater.

    34. Consumer affairs did an article on this thing. Pretty states that it is a rip off. As for Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Here is what is says about that:

      “According to a Good Housekeeping spokesperson:

      “In order to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluates a product to ensure it meets product claims and confirms that all product promises and directions are accurate. We verify that all information required or recommended on a label is provided. For categories in which there are accepted industry standards, we review the data to ensure the company has followed current performance and safety methods. If a problem about a Seal product is brought to our attention, we investigate it. Products that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal carry a limited warranty: if the product proves to be defective within two years of purchase, Good Housekeeping will replace the item or refund the consumer.”

      In other words, it is what it is.’

      Read more: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2009/02/amish_heaters.html#ixzz0VXdc3mNn

    35. ok so my grandma bought me one of these for my house psssshhh amish my ass you can tell these thing are put together on a line in china by 12yr old children. yeah they heat but what you said is right. but i cant say much it was free to me.

    36. I saw the add on tv for the first time about a year ago, and was sold. But never took down the information. I just saw another add on tv tonight and was so excited and ready to purchase it.
      I was typing the words heat surge into google, and ya know how google has a box that pops up underneath with options, well the second option was amish scam, if I had gone straigt to the website I would of never read the reviews.
      After reading them I am mixed on weather to buy or not. I was certain it was a scam but then read the Good Housekeeping seal information. I don’t know what to do. I also enjoy the glow and look of the fireplace, but if it is not quality then it’s not worth it. On the other hand, if good housekeeping will refund the money, do I want to take the chance, and might have to go through the hassel of contacting good housekeeping to get a refund and pay for shipping? I wish there was a similar fireplace that was in a department store.

    37. I know you probably won’t publish this because I am raving about this heater. My uncle drives the Amish who make the mantles and he got us one of the heaters three years ago. It is amazing and beautiful to look at. Who wants to sit and look at the Wal-mart heater?? This fireplace heater heats our entire living room,dining room and kitchen on the high setting and does not run up the electric bill. Everyone who visits makes great comments about it. You do need to read the newspaper ad closely though, as you only are getting the heaters free with payment of the beautiful handcrafted Amish mantles. READ people don’t just assume.

    38. I don’t care anything if they mantle was made by Amish or doges. I just want to know about the quality of the fireplace insert. Is the price worth it. It’s sold for $249 (insert only). I looked on Lowe’s website and I found some fireplaces that were about the same price but had less BTU’s. There is a lot of bad/false advertisements on a lot of products out there.

    39. I bought this heater and in the beginning of the second winter season of use now it has already broke down. It is not even winter officially yet. Do not buy these!

    40. Brad from Elkhart, IN

      I like reading all of your comments. The comments about the Amish are the best. The thing you need to realize is that these are made in OH, and just like in IN the Amish do use power tools in the plants. They built the R.V.s the same way in Elkhart, IN. I know b/c I worked along side of them. I have driven past this factory many times. They do have the 15 passenger vans outside to haul the Amish around, just as in IN. It is true that they do not make these things with turn of the century tools, but they are made or assembled by “some” Amish. The point is that they say on their website that the heaters, which is the most important thing, are made in China.

      If you don’t believe me about the Amish, pull up any of the Elkhart R.V. plants and you will see Amish plain as day working with power and pneumatic tools.

    41. You only pay for the mantle? At a price of $298? Are you kidding me? If anyone buys that piece of junk you’re either a gullible senior citizen or an idiot!

      As most people know, space heaters suck! They only heat one room at a time and if you own a home like mine – I would have to buy 8 of these things in order to heat all the different rooms of my home!

      Consumers beware! It’s just a flippin cheap space heater folks! It’s made in China!!!!

      Here’s my source: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2009/02/amish_heaters.html

    42. How can so many of you people still actually think about buying this crap. $28 and you get a known good heater listed above. Why risk getting scammed.

    43. This may have been covered in a previous post but anyone can figure out what the Amish heater will cost to run for an hour in your own area because the cost of power varies all over the country.

      It appears that Lee used the national average of 10 cents a kilowatt hour to calculate the stated power cost. But 14 states have higher rates than the national average and specific municipalities and power providers all vary from area to area.

      If you review your power bill and locate the cost of a kilowatt in your area and multiply this rate by 1.5 (the same as 1,500 watts) you can determine exactly what these heaters cost to run per hour. Where I live that comes to just under 20 cents an hour.

      However, in New York the average rate is .1723 cents a kilowatt hour so it would cost .1723 * 1.5 or just under 26 cents an hour to run this heater- or if you purchased two as my mother-in-law did it would cost 52 cents an hour.

      As someone who builds energy-efficient homes these are such a waste of money–thanks Lee for providing this forum.

    44. The Heat Surge infomercial is running in the background as I type this. I would never buy that hideous thing but the ad smelled scammy and your posting confirmed my suspicions.

      My favorite parts of the infomercial are the shots of actors dressed in Amish-wear incorrectly using hand tools, especially the woman scrubbing circles with the wooden-bodied block plane. Priceless.

      They do admit that the thing could cost “as little” as $0.09/hr to operate. That’s probably true if you live next to a hydroelectric dam. And it includes “imported Asian fireless flame technology!”

      Incidentally, most cheap furniture is made of veneered MDF, not solid wood. Can anyone confirm this is the case on the Heat Surge cabinet?

      In any case, good investigative work.

    45. sorry if someone posted already, but i couldnt help but notice that in the website, the two products on the left have the same exact image on them, photoshop rotations much?

    46. @Debbie
      You say the “Heat Surge” carries the Good Housekeeping seal. But I went to the GH site. They have NO heaters or fireplaces, because space heaters are the top reason for home fires.
      Also, my Uncle is Amish, and though he is a bit strange. Their religion forbids them to use electricity or have their image captured by cameras.
      They are also forbidden to sell items that are mass produced or have anything to do to with electricity.
      The Amish are not into greed or getting rich. They are a humble people who live on the things they grow, and use the things they make. Although I have heard they do have furniture for sale. I believe this is furniture bought from them. Not mass produced for some scam artist company.
      So Debbie and the other people who talk about the Amish and their beliefs, should read up on them.
      Here is a link: http://www.religioustolerance.org/amish4.htm

    47. Though I agree with you that these heat surge heaters are over priced and will not save you money as claimed, I can not agree with you regarding your comparison of the $21 Holmes heater as you suggest will do the same job. I know because I bought a couple of them a while ago and I can tell you about the only thing the Holmes heaters are good for are boat anchors though not very good at that either. I have used a number of electric heaters and the Holmes heaters are the least efficient of any that I’ve used. It’s true that gas heat is more cost efficient in comparison to electric heat, but you failed to take into account the efficiency of the heater you are talking about. Gas heaters can run anywhere from 70 to 96 percent efficiency where electric, depending on the model and technology used, can range from 10 to 50 percent efficiency. One of the best are the oil filled heaters. Some infrared heaters can do pretty well, though the better ones are much larger than the Holmes heater you pictured in you blog. Simply doing calculations with out doing the actual testing doesn’t really give you accurate data. When you test the unites, you will find that there are factors that you have over looked that have significant affects on the output. By the way, the only thing I ever found the Holmes heaters useful for was as foot heaters with the heaters on high and very close to my feet. The electric bill went right through the roof.

    48. I haven’t owned a Holmes heater, so I cannot say how well they work, but all electric resistive heaters are 100% efficient. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and if you put 1500 watts of electrical energy into a resistive heater, you’re going to get 1500 watts of heat out of it. Generally, when people talk about energy efficiency, it has to do with the ratio of a desired form of energy such mechanical energy in the case of a motor, or lumens of light in the case of a light bulb, to an undesired form of energy like waste heat. Since the product of a resistive heater is just heat plus a small amount of air movement from the fan (which also turns into heat) the heat output of a resistive heater will always be equal to its electrical input.

      In the case of gas heaters, you need to vent them to the atmosphere, so you’ll lose heat through the exhaust pipe, and there’s always the possibility that the fuel will not be completely combusted, so that’s why you see a range of efficiencies for heaters that burn fuel to produce heat.

      Heat pumps are sometimes advertised to be more than 100% efficient, but they do not create energy. They work like an air conditioner in reverse, namely, moving thermal energy from one location to another location. They move this thermal energy in the reverse direction it would normally flow which is normally from hot to cold.

    49. There are lots of thanks for a guy who didn’t try one telling everyone else not to try one either. Where I live, homes are built for efficent cooling in the summer. Winter is short and expensive. Fireplaces just suck the heat out of the rest of the house. A space heater adds a “warm spot” to go to. Some people like the warmth of a space heater. Some don’t. That doesn’t make them suckers, or stupid.
      If the heater doesn’t meet your expectations FOR ANY REASON – you can return it in 30 days. If it doesn’t perform well – or smokes – etc as many have said – you have a 12 month warranty. Yes – you can buy a 36 month warranty for $36. Have you bought any device or appliance lately that did NOT offer an extended warranty?

    50. Bought one of these and it heated our entire 2500 sq ft house. We didn’t run the furnace at all. The bill for the entire winter totaled $20.00. It snowed 12 inches one night and we set the heater in the front yard, and it melted all the snow in our yard as well as those of the the neighbors on each side of us. We suspect global warming may actually be the result of these heaters, and the polar ice cap melt may be the people up north buying thaese heaters. We have alerted Al Gore. This product is just amazing. What more can I say?

    51. I like the giant UL Listed certificate being handed to the Amish Guy – I can go to the Dollar Store and any electrical item will have a UL Label on it.

      It looks to me like these Amish Craftsman are assembling these from a stack of pieces already made, who knows where and by who.

      It is just a electric heater in a cabinet with a fake fire.

    52. I just ordered one from HSN $79 on flex pay as I couldnt afford the full price in the ads I had been seeing in the Sunday paper. Thank goodness I found this blog. I called and cancelled my order!! I heat my house with off road diesel fuel (6 gals every day and 1/2 and it’s not even cold out yet). Any ideas how I can be warm and save money? Can’t use wood stove due to allergies.

    53. As someone who was raised in Northern Indiana in an area populated with Amish, I can 99.99% guarantee you that the Amish have nothing to do with this product. If you notice on their website, they actually capitalize Amish Craftmanship, as if its a product. Furthermore, it is correct that Amish do not like to have their pictures taken. I can’t imagine any Amish person allowing themselves to be in a TV commercial. Also, every single Amish person I have ever met has an accent. Their first language is not English. They speak English, but to each other, they speak Pennsylvania Dutch. It gives them an accent that sounds quite German. The man on the TV had a southern accent.

      This company should be stopped! Not only are they taking advantage of customers by ripping them off with their scams, but they are taking advantage of the Amish as well. They are using the good Amish name to sell a piece of crap heater from China. And, I’m sure their lawyers have already checked and found out that the Amish would not sue them because of their religious beliefs. It is absolutely despicable what they are doing. I would rather freeze to death than give them my money.

    54. Hi Danell, I saw the HSN commercial (on YouTube) and those people are very good at selling. It’s their business. The HSN pitch focuses not so much on the savings, but on how ‘real’ the flame looks and the quality of the mantel. My original goal in writing the blog article was to refute the over-the-top approach to pushing this product, particularly the potential for energy savings. The only way you’ll save money with an electric space heater is if you heat only the rooms you occupy. This may be practical for some, but not for most people who don’t want the rooms in the house too chilly to use during the winter season. Sure, the electric heater comes on and starts heating instantly, but if a room is at 50 degrees F, it can take hours for it to come back up to a comfortable temperature using a 5000 BTU/hr heater. The contents of a room have a lot of thermal capacity and so they keep drawing the heat out of the air as fast as the heater warms it.

      If you’re using 6 gallons of diesel per day and 1/2, your current heating requirements are about 480,000 BTU per day assuming 80% efficiency of your furnace. It would take about 4 of these 5000 BTU/hr heaters running 24 hours a day to produce that much heat. Assuming an electricity cost of $.10/kWh, your electric bill would be an additional $430/month if you did that. I checked the price of heating oil and it’s at $2.74/gallon and so there would probably be no savings in converting from diesel to home heating oil. Based on your 4 gallon/day usage, your heating bill is approaching $300/month assuming you’re getting it for $2.50/gallon.

      The easiest way to reduce heating costs in the winter is to reduce your home’s temperature. In general, each 1 degree F lower you can set your thermostat, you’ll see a 3% decrease in your heating bill. The biggest potential for savings are at night, since you’re sleeping and you won’t even know the rest of the house is cold. You could use an electric blanket and comfortably reduce your home’s temperature by as much as 10 degrees at night, but if you do that, I’d suggest using a programmable thermostat to set it back about an hour before you get up, or else you’ll be reluctant to get out of your warm bed. :-)

      I don’t know if natural gas in an option for you, but its cost per BTU is about half of what people pay for oil and propane. And a heat pump may also be an option, which is about 3x more efficient than a resistive type heater, but they are quite a bit more expensive than a traditional furnace, so there are more up-front costs. And should the temperature drop below 0 degrees F, they tend to use a resistive heater as a backup, so they get very expensive to use when you need heat the most.

    55. Thnak you!
      I wish I had read this sooner!
      I just called and cancelled my order!
      They wanted to keep the shipping charge even though it has never been shipped..
      Hopefully I will get a full refund..but I am not sure of that!
      This company should be exposed as a fraud!

    56. [...] by and idly watch. Several of my most popular blog articles are related to exposing scams like the Amish Heat Surge miracle heater, the Arctic Cool Surge (yes, same company), and exposing the unworkable mathematics [...]

    57. LiveInAmishCountry

      Hey Folks:
      I live here in Paradise, Pa. Lancaster County, Our property borders an Amish farm, and we have many Amish friends.

      They don’t market their good like this.
      And after a bit of research, sounds like just another scam to make money in the good ‘ol USA.
      Where, thanks to politics and greed, it seems making money the old fashioned way is a bit scarce.

      Have A Healthy and Happy Holiday…anyway

    58. Saw the commercial for the first time today and knew immediatedly that this had to be a scam. Googled “heat surge scam” and came across this page. What a shame! I feel bad for those who will buy this and think that they’re getting the best thing since sliced bread.

    59. I am so up-set that my husband has ordered one of these fireplace/heaters. I had made a coment that one of the neighbors had gotten one. Big Mistake. We were not supposed to buy Christmas gifs this year and he ordered this anyway. I have not opened the box and told him they are very small and if we were to get one I liked the full sized ones I had seen in Big Lots for under $300. Big Lots is a discount store These heaters are very small and not even as long as my foot stools. Save yourself, If you want a Electric fireplace I see nothing wrong with that, but purchase it in person so you can evaluate the size and craftsmanship. Don’t be fooled it will save you on heating bills. You may save on the gas but the electric will skyrocket.

    60. We purchased two Amish heaters in Nov 2007. They worked fine until a week before the guarantee ran out in Nov. 2008. One started blowing cold air, no heat. We boxed it up and the company eventually fixed or replaced it. (it took about six weeks) Then, this November 2009 the second fireplace did the same thing only the guarantee has expired. The company needs to furnish repair kits (and instructions) or names of local repair shops. Does anyone know how to repair this kind of heater? I see that the BBB has had LOTS of complaints about this company. Why isn’t a class action suit happening? We think these cheap Chinese heaters are giving the Amish a bad reputation.


    62. Oh my gosh, I was totally going to buy this heater. I was skceptical and decided to check out the internet about this product. Thank you so much for this blog. I will not purchase!! I am just so tired of these companies taking people like this. You cannot trust any company until you do some research.

    63. Yes these ppl are Amish. New Order Amish. Many Amish ppl do allow themselves to be photographed. The more conservative of the Old Order Amish would not. Yes they wear shirts with buttons LOL. Some New order and Beachy Amish will wear a polo shirt. The Amish are a part of this because they are making the mantles. The wooden mantles are the only Amish part of the product. The ppl in the add are very obviously Amish to any plain person or person who spends time in plain communities.

    64. I have to raise the BS flag here myself. I was just subjected to their infomercial and was surprised how full of BS it was. one guy comes on and says “my HS heater has raised my electric bill less than 50 cents a month”. 3 minutes later a spokesperson says “it uses as little as 9 cents an hour”. using their own statements and numbers, simple math says 50 cents will only get you 6 hours or less of use per month.

      also someone correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the guy doing the infomercials the same guy that sells the pills that are supposed to make your whatchamacallit bigger.

    65. My name is Michael, I had just gotten out of the shower when the I noticed the Informercial playing on the TV in my bed room, I was initially intrigued by the amount of Amish people on the TV, which stuck my curiosity because Amish people shun these types of technology. I don’t know why I wanted to investigate this product, but I was waiting for my girlfriend to come out of the shower, so I decided to just take her laptop and look up this product.

      I am appalled by the amount of negativity surrounding this product, I will never buy the Heat Surge. It seems like a piece of crap and its probably dangerous.

      Sites like these are invaluable to the consumer experience. Shams like the Heat Surge need to be exposed for what they really are.

    66. They got my senile mother in law for two of them. They’re garbage. I agree with lady who posted about the coughing too. Been coughing ever since they got here. STAY AWAY.

    67. Lee…your calcs on the electric and gas usage is dead on. I find this all very amusing, though. Mostly the tie in with the Amish. This company is flat out scamming folks. I own a heating and a/c company and we shudder when people tell us they try and save money by using electric heaters. You do not save money.

      Once your house is heated to a certain level, it only takes a small amount of heat, in every room, to maintain that level of comfort. You cannot do that with tiny electric heaters. It’s called a balance point. That certain level where the structure is losing more heat than is being produced internally.

      This is a good thing you are doing, alerting an unsuspecting public to the shady business practices of Heat Surge. Keep up the good work!

    68. Ok I don’t see what the hate is for I work for a company not affiliated directly with heat surge, that takes the calls generated by the print ads and tv ads, but one thing gets me about the people I talk to, first there are the ones from the print ads that stop reading after they read the word “free” and get pissed when i tell them it costs money, then I politely point them to the section that has the price, and they feel like morons and they should, there is NO such thing as a completely free lunch, and you morons crying that it should be “free” as it says are morons, and besides I want you to think of some things the next time you think it is completely free.

      1. A 1-800 number is not free, the phone company charges money for that, the money has to come from somewhere right


      2. I don’t answer the phone for free either, I have children to feed, so I don’t answer the phone for my health, and due to the increasing amount of morons like yourselves that give me headaches I am seriously thinking of asking for a raise.

      So the next time you think that something is completely free, think of this, could you walk into home depot, pick up an electric heater and walk out the door without paying for it, enough said.

    69. This so called Amish heater,has low,medium,high.Which is 600,900,1500 watt settings.No different than a ceramic floor heater,at walmart.Your paying for the wood,and shipping.Don’t fall in the chinease hole for this preety box.In addition the Amish don’t even make these.

    70. This is a Ohio based company,and that’s just one factory.

    71. I appreciate the blog. Looking for nonsense is a hobby of mine. As a teacher, it appals me at the number of folks who escaped our public schools, colleges and even grad schools with so little knowledge of how the world works. They don’t read ads carefully. They don’t know how their utility bills are calculated. Your blog explained things so that any who care can learn a little.

      BTW, I don’t expect any class action lawsuits, the ads are scammy and smarmy, but they don’t seem to out right lie.

    72. You people are all crepe hangers! I have bought two of the ash fireplaces. They are excellent. They heat my large family room and kitchen so toasty warm I have to turn the settings down on the fireplace. I compared my electric bill with before the fireplace and after and my bill did NOT go up. I have Ohio Edison and it is the highest electric priced company there is. I suggest you read what the BBB (Better Business Bureau says about Heat Surge. They investigated them after reading complaints from negative people like those o this website. They went to the amish areas of Ohio where these Heat Surge products are made. They investigated thoroughly and came back with the FACTS that the fireplaces are made by actual amish not people pretending to be and the fireplaces are good and do work.

    73. I just saw the commercial on TV and saw an “Amish” person with buttons on his shirt. If you have an knowledge of the Amish you would know that genuine Amish DO NOT use buttons so this sent me to the computer to investigate this company that I though might be using the Amish persona to sell a product.

      Having been raised in a Mennonite household I am aware of certain things about the Amish and being photographed is not allowed. Another thing I noticed was the way some of “their Amish” had their hats tilted back on the head rather than coming down on the forehead which didn’t look right.

      Who in our society would not be aware that they were being used in such a way because they do not watch TV? The Amish. It a very cynical thing to do using a people who would not bring lawsuits and fight back at being used in this way.

    74. I just saw the ad on tv a while ago. I figured it was a crock from the first minute. What I was curious about was how it worked……”cheap made in China electric heater” is exactly what I expected to read in my google search.

      Made by genuine Amish “craftsmen” is neither here nor there……if it’s too good to be true it probably just is, which has been proven with mathematical calculations posted in the replies above.

      What gets me is the posts I have read in a few different spots here praising this overpriced piece of made in China junk. LOL Obviously those opinions must have been made by someone with a financial interest in this “product”. LOL

    75. Come on people. Just because they might not be real Amish, is that a reason not to buy the Heat Surge? Let’s face it, sure your can buy an inexpensive electric heater encased in steel with wires in front of it. If you buy a Heat Surge, you are buying a nice looking piece of furniture with fake flames instead of a wire grid. I think most people would expect to pay more and as far as using it to heat your house, NOT. It should just be used to warm up a room or two. It’s funny, celebrities advertise all kinds of products from trucks to golf clubs and many people buy their products, not because they endorse them but because they like the appeal. Sure, you can buy an electric heater and pay less but just keep in mind, you can spend $35,000 for a very nice new car or you can spend less than half of that and get a nice new car that will get you where you want to go a whole lot cheaper. The insurance is less too. It’s what appeals to you.

    76. i have two that keep cuttind off tried to send back but they did not give us right return slips and they dont call back what should i do

    77. Gordon – the point of the blog is not to belittle someone’s personal taste in an item, its to present the FALSE advertising and sleazy salesman tactics going into heat surge marketing.

    78. I’ve seen the new commercial for this season. The one hosted by a guy who looks an awful lot like the guy on the male enhancement commercials. I’m not to concerned about who does the hosting, what concerns me is that they offer the heater for free, but you pay nearly $300 for the mantle, but it is guaranteed. What I want to know, is what is covered by the guaranty? The FREE PART — the only thing likely to need replacement or the wood? When did anyone ever guarantee what they give away for free?

      Another thing. In this year’s commercial they have a lot of women working alongside men in a wood-shop — are there that many Amish women carpenters? And the men–are there that men middle-aged single men in an Amish community I know they are single, because they have no beards.

    79. Well, I ordered one and it came in last week. I was really hoping it would make my room nice and cozy (As stated in the manual) NOT. This thing would be hard pressed to heat up my small bathroom. It’s going back and I agree with Darold above. When I call to find out how to send it back, I’m concerned that they will say the only thing that is guarantted is the FREE heater. Will let you know.

    80. They were just selling the Heat Surge heaters on HSN tonight for $399 & free shipping. I did not hear them explain that the heating system is made in China, it simply stated Amish built. There are a bunch of these type of fireplaces at Lowes & Home Depot. I seen a few on clearance already for $149.00 They all seem to have similar controls and do the same thing. All are most likely imported. No magical stuff, just a small heater in a large cabinet. It is wonderful marketing. The post about the $21 heater from Walmart doing the same job is correct. Not as nice to look at though. Just about any electric heater can save some money if you set back your central heating thermostat to the rest of the house and essentially spend most of your time in one room. If you are looking for a eye-appealing small heater buy one, but you will be buying it for looks because the price isn’t justified if you simply need a small heater.

    81. My friends: I am an ‘energy engineer’. I DESIGN energy-efficient heating systems as a career (25 yrs), as well as other energy-efficiency equipment and strategies. (O.K. so I’m sorta qualified!) Now….

      First, people at home out there want to save money .. that’s the demand or need! Second, ideally, they want to do it safely, conveniently and without spending a lot of money up front, and the heat source should be attractive (not a lot of exposed pipes or other unattractive heating devices in the space, etc.). And these ‘fireplaces’ (!) are what this company supplies by their massive ad-campaign, admittedly well-thought out and well-positioned to take lots of money out of unsuspecting and (not trying to be arrogant here!) uneducated people’s pockets. The fireplace is pretty, attractive and would be safe if it were well-constructed and would stand up to use, which it is NOT and does NOT! As Mr. Devlin states, you can get a safe well-built ceramic heater these for $25-$30 or less! The concept of zone-heating is not new, in fact, I’ve used ceramic heaters in my bedroom and family room for years at low setting myself and save a huge amount by setting my stat back. It’s not a big cabinet sitting in the middle of my rooms! My family loves the money I give them on what we save. It’s attractive, too, because I close a small cabinet door when I’m not using it, and it is out of sight! And they are convenient and I’m comfortable! A small oil-filled electric heater can be completely silent!

      America, wake up to the fact that there are people like me who WISH I had thought of this scam myself! (But I have morals, and I feel good about myself for that!) These companies appeal and successfully supply to a lot of people’s “wants/desires”, and successfully suck money out of these people by overcharging for thir cheaply-built (therefore, high profit) products. The massive ad campaign should always be a clue there is something both better quality and less expensive available, if you just do your homework.

      In this case a little homework witll save you a LOT of money, both in safety, a long-lived product product, low cost and if you zone heat your house with safe products, you can save a good amount of money on your heating costs too!

      Oh, I also enjoyed the ‘cosmic ray’ post, pinging on the lady who thought her bill ‘magically’ did not go up! Lot’s of miconceptions out there, most of it anecdotal, like, “I won’t save any money by turning my lights out if I leave the room for just a few minutes…” (My favorite!) But, let’s be nice…!!

    82. i’ve been a electrician for 40 years your better off with a 30 dollar ceramic heater 1500watt is 1500watt no matter what you buy ! your paying for the flake flames and the wood cover

    83. The most efficient electric are quartz rod heaters but probably more expensive & harder to find. The quartz rods are also more fragile than ceramic.
      As for the Amish, if you have ever owned an Amish built tent trailer you may have noticed that they can’t drive a screw any straighter than the rest of us & they strip out just as many screw holes & leave just as many rough edges so “Amish built” means nothing.

    84. I have decided after reading all of these posts that maybe buying two “snuggies” would be the best way to go. I am very appreciative of this blog, both the positive and negative.

    85. I work for an electric company and when I was flipping through the channels this morning I ran across this commerical and decided to research it a little. This is a total scam and anyone that states their bills have not gone up at all normally has electric heat. Space heaters which is exactly what this is cleverly disguised as a fireplace will definately cause your bills to go up. They state they are free and there is a limit of 2 — They are not free they are extremely expensive to buy and to run,.

    86. Thanks for the post and everyone’s follow up comments. If the mantle is in fact a woodwork created by the Amish, this company counting on the fact that the Amish people will never know that they are using “the Amish” to represent their product. They should at least put a disclaimer that the Amish people in the commercial are actors and NOT real Amish people. My first question was, “how does it work?” The Amish do not use electricity. I listened more closely and found that the “Amish crafted mantle” part was specified. This product is basically a glorified plug-in electric heater in the shape of a fire place.

      This product is clearly shipped from China based on the box it comes in and should not be represented as made in the USA by a testimonial from an unsuspecting buyer if ONLY PART OF IT is made in the USA (if in fact this is even true). A message to “HeatSurge.com” staff: Calling this product an “Amish Heat Surge” first of all is incorrect, and second, statement of this product being made in the “heartland of America” is insulting to people who try to buy American made products.

    87. I called the phone number on the tv. and the woman who answered the phone was pretending to be Amish…..lol I asked her if she could tell me hgow much it would cost to run a month, and she said she didn’t know. I then asked her if it had the engery star that means its energy efficent and she said no,but it has a good housekeeping seal?????? so does my loaf of stale wonder bread…whats that got to do with heat………and cost to heat. Junk.junk buy a heater at walmart for for $20 and get the same or better results.

    88. I am so glad I came across this page. My mother was just talking about buying this heater after just seeing the infomercial on TV. I thought it sounded too good to be true and I am so glad we left this heater in OH or wherever it is really built. I will stick with my $50 Holmes heater from Walmart. It heats great, but the Heat Surge made me wonder if my Holmes was good enough. LOL

    89. I laughed so hard when this thing was called “Amish” made. I was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA home of the highest amish population in the country. The Amish would never make a piece of crap like this. For one it is uses electricity. There are a few Amish that use power appliances but they only use gas not electric. When they interviewed an “Amish” man you could tell he was an actor because where was the Dutch accent. I think I will run this by one of the Amish in my neighborhood so they can make some money.

    90. Thank you Lee for your quality information… very helpful… I don’t understand why we allow scams to go on in the United States… it should be against the law !!!

    91. I find it suspicious that the woman who claims she loves her heaters would somehow find herself on this site praising them two years after she says she bought them. I mean, when was the last time you went online to post positive feedback about a product you have had a long time on a site dedicated to exposing a scam? Does she love it so much that she woke up one day and said, “I must go blog about this!”. More likely she works for the Heatsurge. I’d say “she” should feel shame, but something tells me I’d be wasting my breath. Won’t be wasting my money on this one though. Thanks for exposing these predators.

    92. I bought one of these heaters and it is amazing! It doesn’t run up my electric bill at all. It works so well we have to keep it on low all the time, and we decided to take out our furnace. Living in Pennsylvania it gets cold in the winter, and we see no need for our furnace anymore. The homeless actualy had to move a few houses down just to sleep at night because they said it was too hot outside of our house. It’s an amazing product, I also use it for clearing my driveway of snow and ice, and since the mantle is built with Amish pride, I use it during the summer months to. Like when I had a glass of lemonaid in my hand last July, I set that glass down with no problem. It’s great for holding things. I heard they are actually using it in Hati to hold up collapsed buildings. The “Heatsurge” is truly a gift from above. I’m supprised they arent charging double for this wonder product! I love the heatsurge soo much, I asked Chevy to take the heater out of my truck so I could put a Heatsurge in it. I’m not sure if it is true or not, but I am told that the only reason the tropical area of earth is warmer than the rest of the planet is because 7 Heatsurge heaters are located around the equater. The Heatsurge is fantasic product and made so amazingly well. I recommend it to anyone who has Hundreds of Dollars to spend on a chinsy, space heater thats worth about, and I’m being very generous here, 40 Dollars, since it’s in a wood box.

    93. I purchased 2 of these units as gifts for Christmas of 2009. Now, one year later, mine is so noisy we can’t use it and even watch TV or read the newspaper. At least the one we gave my son isn’t noisy – it has the common decency to just quit working!
      What an expensive hoax-lesson.

    94. FACT: The person in the ad with the suit is Rodney Napier, the owner of the company. Now for the really amazing part – he is the ex-son-in-law of the owner of the company that makes EdenPure. There is no love lost between them and he saw how much EdenPure was making and jumped on the band wagon.
      Draw your own conclusions!

    95. Okay people let me tell you this about that:

      I worked in returns, and despite the fact that we were overwhelmed by the SAME THREE COMPLAINTS(no heat, Broken logs/noise and less heat then a normal heater), they got rid of me, for their mistake.

      Here is what you tell them to get a FULL REFUND, including shipping. Or, if you’re out of the warranty period how to get a new heater every couple years since the things break about a that point.

      For a refund (if you heater is less then 2 years old, or you have the extended warranty and it less then 3.)

      Ask Customer service for “Diana Weekly”, if Not available ask for the senior with the initials J.W. There’s only like 10 people that can refund you shipping, and these are the only 2 I can remember.

      Cuss, throw a fit, what ever and mention P60(credit card or P65(check or EBT) for full refund), get one of those to authorize shipping, MAKE SURE YOU MENTION AND RETURN THE REMOTE, even if it was free!

      Ship it back with THEIR labels, and you will get a full refund for this POS.

      Otherwise, if you’re not under warranty. DO NOT CALL THEM! IF YOU HAVE THE PAPERWORK, use their labels, and what ever box(doesn’t matter if its in a million pieces or not when it gets back.) and send it in, it will get “lost” and they have to return it to you, so they send you a new one. If you have one form before Jan 1rst 2009, don’t do this unless it breaks, otherwise do it about every 2 years.

      Have fun people, these things are CRAP after the first of last year.

    96. Well, I guess I am one of those senior citizen types, who fall for anything, but I LOVE my Heat Surge fireplace! I admit I just got a replacement one after two years…. luckily I had bought the 3 year extended warranty…. and the company sent me a brand new one! I am not naive enough to think this little heater would heat my whole house…. but we love the ambiance it creates in our family room… a place where we spend most evenings. It just makes our California winter nights cozy…. and our dogs and cats love it, too! This also saves on running our fireplace insert in the living room when we are not in there. Judy …Lafayette, CA.
      February 18, 2010 P.S. I must admit the above comments make me a bit wary of how long the new one will last!

    97. This is what the Good Houskeeping Seal really means: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/product-testing/history/about-good-housekeeping-seal.

      It means that they guarantee you are buying an electric fireplace that will work for 2 years. Otherwise, you have to contact Good Housekeeping regarding problem.

    98. My dad bought one of these junks a little over a year ago. The little 40 watt motor that turns the tinfoil rotor died. He only used it five times. He has contacted the company three times and I have contacted them four times about a shipping label. They just give us the run around. This is just an attempt to dodge the three year warrenty that dad has. I have a hard time beleiving that the Amish would put their good reputations on something this cheap and with a faulty warrenty. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SACAM! Don’t do like poor dad did.

    99. Christine in FL

      Yes, the ads come across like a used car dealer runs the company’s PR dept. HOWEVER, the product is attractive and heats reasonably well for the electricity used. Note the comparison photos of the Walmart space heater and the arguably Amish encased version. One is very ugly and the other pleasing. If you have need of a space heater and wish to invest in one that is not an eyesore in your home, this is the best on the market. The artificial flame looks fairly convincing and it is easily portable. We have one and appreciate its added warmth and calming light. We’re getting another for my elderly mother’s birthday… her feet get cold and she can not tend a real fireplace.

    100. We purchased one of these heaters over a year ago and it works just fine and the wood cabinet and mantel are very attractive. We paid $299 for everything. We live Florida so this works perfect to take the chill off of our bedroom at night and in the morning and is a lot more inexpensive then having to turn the heat on. I really don’t care who made it, I just care that it works.

    101. i have one of the heatsurge heaters i got it with out the wood casing and it heats up the area i have but not as well as the space heater i had to buy but its nice to have a fire with out smoke heat and you can use it all year long

    102. I am so sorry to hear about the bad experiences that some have had with their heat surge units. I have 2 and frankly I love them! I live in Kansas and we are ice storm central. My home has high ceilings and with the gas I can have it cranked but never feel really warm.And my bill was $300+ per month. I have the gas on 62 so the pipes dont freeze and use the units in the rooms I am in. They are not quite as cheap as advertised to use but I have paid less in electric than I did in gas and we are much warmer. The work quickly and heat a room nicely. I love mine.I like the fake fire I think they are cozy.

    103. I think the “hey, these things are awesome and fill my life with joy!” postings are hilarious, so by all means keep those coming. It’s a shame this blog has tapered off.

      Oh, and one points people to check out what the BBB has to say about these folks. Presumably here:


      Notice all the good things the BBB has to say about Heatsurge LLC:

      “Following the BBB request to modify the ad, the “coffee maker” claim was removed from the print promotion, but is included in the television commercial as “uses about the same energy as a coffee maker.” This correlation is based upon the two electrical products drawing the same average wattage from the standard electrical outlet. Recent ads have indicated that the company has changed the headline to read ” Only uses about 8 cents an hour” . The BBB will continue to monitor this statement.”

      “Solid Wood (Oak)- inquiries have indicated confusion as to the validity of the mantel being made of solid wood (oak). The company has informed the BBB during a 9/11/08 meeting, that they are now using real wood.”

      I guess this is what the above poster would call ‘investigation’.

      ‘Yo, you guys using real wood now?’
      ‘Good enough for us.’

      The BBB goes on to rave:

      “This business is not a BBB Accredited Business.”

      Clearly the BBB is big on Heatsurge!

    104. All I know about this is that my husband and I purchased two of these heaters about 3 yrs ago and we really love them. They heat well and are energy efficient. I don’t know if the Amish actually built the mantle, but I am not really concerned because it does look nice and works well.

    105. oscar t. macapobre

      I bought the heat surge more than 2 1/2 years now. Two weeks ago while watching tv in the family room with my wife, I heard a very loud bang like an explosion. I stand up and look around both the back and front windows of the house but didn’t see anything. When I came back to the family room, I saw the glass of the heat surge shattered but intack. the unit was not even on. ( Are you kidding? Temp. outside this summer is 90 deg. F). Last winter I didn’t even use it because it didn’t heat up my small family room as advertised in the tv. this was the winter of 2009. This winter of 2010 the unit was “not” being used at all. The unit is worthless as a heater.

      I called the company but “they” don’t sell me replacement parts. I have to go to a qualified technician for safety reasons. I have a vast experience in electro-mechanical repair and an electronic tech by trade. I trained a lot of guys in both fields until I retire 2 years ago. I am 67 years old now and can’t buy a replacement glass to replace the broken one….for safety reasons? This is very basic and a mickey mouse work!!! I will buy my own glass in a local glass store. They want me to buy the whole insert for $249 plus shipping. This is big crap and a scam!!!

      Thanks for reading my stuff. I am mad.


    106. These heaters are total crap and the only way you can heat a house north of Georgia without buying 15 of them is to chop them up with an ax and make a fire with the wood. As for being quiet, my hairdryer makes less noise than that thing. We sent it back, and were out the cost of shipping which could have paid for several of the space heaters from Walmart! Anyone on the fence about making the plunge and purchasing a “miracle amish heater” needs to think it over and instead donate the money to a favorite charity and be sure to read Jan. 31, 2010 entry from Mike in Pennsylvania because he is RIGHT ON.
      PS Mike, the homeless outside(no disrespect intended) probably just moved down the block because of the “gentle roar of the electric motor” that was just too peaceful for them.

    107. Thank god for the internet haha. i saw part of their infomercial this morning while coming off a 36hour shift, thought i’d look into it for a possible Christmas present for my mother. i haven’t seen one review that i find credible(real) that is positive from all the positive reviews I’ve seen its easy to tell that they are coming from company employees.

      Thanks LEE for the heads up.

    108. The new Heat Surge commercial features Sext Talk/Extenze guy/ex porn actor Milton Lawrence! Can you believe the Amish acually approved this infomercial’s production?

    109. random cold dude

      THANK YOU SOOO MUCH LEEE!!! i thought the commercial was strange as well… thanks for the info man! p.s. i live in lancaster PA right meow lolz

    110. I came across this site while searching for a heat source this winter. I have no gas, no central heat, no ductwork. I generally use electric heaters, but I’m looking for something better and safer…and low cost.

      I’ll agree that this company’s claims are a classic example of false advertising. I’m just concerned about the product and its performance.

      I have a neighbor who used one last winter, and in his small mobile home he needed no other heat source, and it cost a lot less to run than his 15 yr old central electric heat. It still works now, and he let me look at it a few days ago. It runs quiet, and produces toasty heat. It doesn’t appear to be as safe as a full infrared heater, but appears safer than a standard space heater. It felt like it was putting out a lot more heat than a $50 ceramic heater.

      My other neighbor bought two on a buy one get one free offer (that she thought would expire) and she had to do the payment plan. I’ll examine hers as well, before making up my mind.

      ***I’ll come back during this winter (2010) or in the Spring to relay information regarding the performance of my first neighbor’s one heater he’s had for one year already, my other neighbor’s two new heaters she just purchased, and my own heater(s) should I decide to purchase them myself.


    111. I purchased 3 of these heaters and they do work 2 are working fine the 3rd i had issues with it from day 1 but know this they are costly but i made the choice to buy them and just like any item you purchase there will be some good and bad thats when you deal with the company Oh by the way they never said the amish made the Heaters Some will swear by them others will be upset becauase they have problems so get up and do somthing about it contact the company raise the Dickens I know this i enjoy my heaters and i had the money i would buy at leasst one more So Heat Surge just Keeping making them but honor your waranty and try to work with the customers who have problems Just remember That Quality customer service goes a long way in these hard times

    112. I was about to purchase one of these electric fireplace but thank God I did alittle checking and this site confirmed that I need not throw my money away. Thank you all for your comments!!!

    113. I live in Lancaster Pa. And 3 of my friends are amish. I asked im a fue questions, i can speak german. I said i seen a tv add on this fireplace and it had amish working on them in the back ground on the add. RIGHT away he said thats not true because god dont alow use to be in photos (videos count)
      1. G.Do you know anyone that works on this
      A.No and if i do there not amish

      2. G.I seen a nail gun being used by a
      (fack) amish guy
      A.”Nailguns are devils tools”


      3. G.If amish were to make the wood would XD
      they be able to install the electric
      A.We cannot touch anything that uses


      THEY WOULDNT BUILD IT IN A BARN. they have cattle/livestock that would be in there
      And the workshops that they have (i have been in) Are wood walls with a tin or wood roof and stone floor and its square and a barn door. AMISH DONT USE CARDBOARD It would be in a wood box or no box. YES THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF AMISH 1 cant use elecrtic or touch anything that uses electric. 1 can have cars but thats it for gas and electric stuff.
      1 can use solar electric because it dosnt come from the grid it comes from the sun “god gave the sun so we can use it” and they use the electric to charge batterys to start the tractors (they build bye hand) and 95% of the time they dont have electric starters they have the wheel on the front or side that they spin to start it.

      SCAMERS DONT BYE IT. XD ask just for the heater and you’ll make a box XD

    114. Single but not dumb

      I was going to order one maybe two today, but not now! Sounds like I will get the same wanted results (getting warm) from the cheap heaters from walmart. Might not look as beautiful but will do the trick and yes I can if I want to, build a box for it and put the box on wheels.
      I have learned an important lesson here, always look on the internet for info like this prior to buying.
      I say a BIG thank you to the responders that did get scammed and are willing to educate others so that we do not follow.
      Thank you -Thank you -Thank you

    115. I purchased one online, then I decided to cancel it a few hours later. I called customer service, and I could not reach a service rep. They also could not find my order. I ended up having to call my bank and cancel my card in hope that it wouldn’t go through. I’m just going to have to keep checking my account, and if it goes through I’ll have to dispute it. What a crock.

    116. Have seen the TV ad. for the Heat Surge; and the people shown are not Amish, but would be, if they are in fact, Mennonites. Or at least resemble being dressed like Mennonites in the community where I live. Evidently a majority of Americans can be fooled ver easily by most anything/anybody. Obama comes to mind.

    117. A fool and his money are soon parted. Just go by the principle that if something sounds to good to be true then it probably is. Which unfortunately a lot of these infomercials and televangelists feed off of the elderly. These things probably have a whole $20 put into them and they charge $300+.

      I’ve read a few comments and I don’t see how some people find these things more appealing than a normal heater. If anything they look tacky as hell.

    118. We found this blog article in Google’s top ranks. I’m in sales and I understand ‘positive phrasing and buying motivations’.

      My ‘hot button’ just happens to be a “portable fireplace”. I miss our old fireplace from our former home. Was considering buying one of the Heat Surges for Christmas.

      I write blogs and take opinions with a grain of salt. But I cross referenced your facts–all right on. I urge readers to consider this: Cover your a$$… pay with a credit card that will allow you to get your money back if an online purchase doesn’t meet up to your expectations. The Better Business Bureau does not accept “buyer’s remorse” claims. I have a Capital One card, they’ve been very good about refunding my funds and going after the bad guys on my behalf. I’ve only had to use ‘em twice for that (bad laptop battery and a DVD purchase).

      Check return policies and refund exceptions. AND – go ahead and buy one if you really want/need one. Bad/negative blogs/websites get more attention than positive testimonial sites. Just like news stations don’t cover all the perfect plane landings, they only cover the crashes… people love an excuse NOT to buy something they’re not completely sold on.

      China, Amish, whatever. It’s America’s way of doin’ business. Push the positive, wait for the negative.

    119. Why do you people have to be so childish get a life and stop acting like 16 yr olds not getting your way. Who cares if the Amish don’t make them. I have one and love it it heats great and i was on the net looking for another when i ran across your crap.. The heater doesnt dry out the air which is great when you have a child with bronchial problems and they real are safe enough to touch yet still heat. If you don’t like the product don’t buy it you big babies….


    120. Come on folks this is such BS. And the guy that is hosting the scam also host the extendz penis enlarging pill commercial. Maybe the amish building those fine top boards of the cabnets didn’t know that. Thats all they say they make the top board and the decortive scrolls. thats the only thing solid wood.per the commercial….What a hoax.

    121. Thx people. I was ready to order 100 units of these heaters for new construction condo building. I just cancelled our order after reading this. Thanks again!!!

    122. If you buy one of these rip off heaters don’t expect to get your money’s worth. Mine lasted a year and started blowing nothing but cold air. When I contacted they said they would get back to me. That was last spring and when I finally found a number for them it was out of warranty. I expect they are designed to last just past the warranty so they can give you a “special price” to replace the heating part. Only $139.00. Oh, but you get free shipping! Whee!

    123. Thank God that He has led me to this page! I was very interested in purchasing one of these heaters because our house is not heating properly and it is very draft, and downright COLD inside! Today was 2 degrees, so you can imagine the chill in the air! The gas heater appears to be running nonstop. I have not received a bill for the heating and I can only imagine what it will be!

      The first thing that made me think when I saw this add was: “what about the ELECTRIC bill?” I kept hearing how folks were saying they saved “bundles” in their heating bills. But I wondered about the ELECTRIC bill. Soon enough I was informed that it didn’t cost any more to run this “scam” then it would a coffee pot!
      Sounded interesting, so I came to check it out. As I was typing in Google, I saw a drop down box for “heat surge SCAMS” which first got my attention.

      Lee, thank you so very much for your blog to inform others. Also thank you for the tips you gave a previous poster about staying warm in the house! I didn’t have the money to buy one of these anyway, but I would have* found a way to juggle a few bills to “save money!”

      Ten thousand thank to all who have posted, and also to the poster who linked to the BBB site. VERY, VERY informative! I got a laugh when I read the company is now using REAL wood! Hello??

      You guys are great. Thanks for saving me money!!

    124. Thanks so much for the useful information.I just cancelled my order with HSN it was priced at $399.00. I think I will save some money and go to Wal Mart.
      By the way my wife was quick to notice that the Amish don’t use electricity, and that was before reading all of these comments. My mistake was not doing my homework prior to ordering.

    125. If you don’t want one, don’t buy one, but after reading this blog, I would not buy one. I looked at the whole site, and did not find the Good Housekeeping Seal anywhere.

    126. Let me start off with the fact that I am in no way connected with the amish nor do I profit from the sales of the heat surge fireplace. I feel saddened to see so many “negative” people. Who really cares if the amish depicted in these ads are real amish or not. Do you wish to purchase an amish person? The heat surge is the product being sold, not the amish. I, myself, do not own a heat surge firplace; however, I am going to purchase two, one for the upstairs bedrooms and one for the main floor downstairs. I have seen this product in use, therefore, can verify that this is one great product. It is made from “real wood”, very nice weight and has a beautiful finish. My brother purchased two and my mother owns one. This fireplace heats the house remarkably well, in fact, I made the statement to mom that I was going to have to wear summer shorts when I visit her in order not to have a “melt down”. She uses only the heat surge and not her furnace. Her heating bills are a lot lower than mine each month and her electric bill is much lower than mine, and I remind you I have no heat surge yet. I love the way the unit can be moved around the house with ease; however, if it is placed in a central location of your home, there is no need to move it at all. The heat flows to the other rooms nicely. Contrary to what others had to say, there is no smoke, no soot and no loss of heat. My brother and mother have had their heat surge now for a couple of years and absolutely no problems whatsoever with their units. The heat surge is much better than any space heater I have seen on the market for sale. Those of you who wish to listen to all of those “negative” people, go ahead but you are really missing out on a quality made piece of furniture that produces great heat.

    127. Couple of quick comments:

      Someone said, “it doesn’t save any more money than a regular space heater.”

      That’s because IT IS a regular space heater.

      As for Amish … Amish squamish … who the hell cares? I have nothing against them or any other group of people, but the implied “value” or “quality” because it’s Amish is hogwash to begin with.

      Also, just like virtually every other product, if it really is “all that,” then the proprieters would be doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot to not sell their product at the likes of WalMart, Target, etc… There’s a reason you won’t find these heaters at such places, and it has nothing to do with the smelly people who wear funny looking hats.

      Finally, it’s somewhat ironic that if they would get rid of the absurd advertising budget that they obviously have, they could sell their product for what it is at a reasonable price. It’s a friggin’ space heater with a fairly nice wooden housing. That is worth something. And yes, it comes on wheels and that too is worth something. And for certain people the feux-fire appearance is somewhat comforting and that too is worth something — just nowhere near $300 bucks each!

    128. I was informed yesternite I was getting.e
      This heater for christmas, I live in a rv, I have a 39$ heater from walmart that I have to turn to low _600w and its been a cold fall this year. Ii have informed my friend to cancel the purchase and buy me a wallet. Its Been unseasonably cold here this fall, and I think ill use the money to help the homeless. I guess if you want to pick

      Presents for your buddies they can appreciate and enjoy. I got her a kreug coffee. Though if you get your buddy a present and your willing to blow 400 bones you should talk to. Him, 30 bucks might be a well thought gift. I got a killer cigar box and a lock for 6 bucks and filled it with cool survival gear for a combat ranger 6yr old,leatherman, flint starter,compass,headlite,flshlite, laser flashlite,and referee. Whistle for less than 40 bucks. He will remember uncle rob.

    129. We received one of these as a gift. We didn’t have a place for it to set up immediatly so we had to set it aside for a year. When we did open it up and set it up, there were problems.

      1) Small problem. One of the two light bulbs that illuminate the fire was not in it’s socket. It was just laying in the compartment where the two bulb sockets reside.

      2) Medium problem. The firepalce didn’t come with any instructions. I had to hunt down a .pdf file at their web site. It was by looking through the instructions that I discovered that the lower front plate of the fireplace was removable. I thought the fire looked a little dim and when I removed the plate, I found the second bulb not in it’s socket.

      3) Biggest problem. The remote control that came with the fireplace doesn’t work. I tried several sets of batteries and turned them this way and that. It doesn’t work. I tried to contact the company via e-mail and didn’t get any useful response just an auto-reply telling me that they received my e-mail.

      Overall, I haven’t been impressed and I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy one of their products.

    130. The electric heater looks very pretty, and if looking pretty warms you up then go for it. Better buy a few of them, though. It takes a lot more than 1500 watts to heat up a house. Personally, I live at 7300 feet in Colorado and burn four or five cords of wood a winter. Used to burn propane, but that was about three times as expensive, even though I set the thermostat at 62 in the day and turned the furnace off at night.

      My wife being very pretty helps keep me warm, especially at night, but my real secret to keeping warm in my 60 degree house in the day is long underwear and a fleece sweatshirt. It’s an exceptionally cheap solution, especially if you live near a thrift store.

      If there’s one thing this country has an overabundance of it’s cheap clothes. Wear them.

    131. I too have fallen for the so called Amish miracle of heating. I bought 2 of these units and both in about 2 years have fallen flat on their faces. Both started making so much noise from the so called blower on top. I looked inside and found the cheapest set up I have ever seen on heating units with blowers. I called to find out what I could do to fix these cheap things. When I got in touch with the 1-800 number on these units I was told to buy another insert unit for around 139.00 plus tax and shipping. What a joke!!!!! Pay this and in another year, go through this again. I am contacting the :Attorney General and BBB about the fraud from this company.. You can not find parts to replace or rebuild this units…. These units are not worth 50.00 . What a big joke and con . I wonder if the Amish people know what is going on with their good name and religion being exploited by this man and company…. All I can say is as follows, ” DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE SO CALLED AMISH HEATING UNITS. “

    132. N&O runs another ethically-questionable ad « Mark Turner dot Net

      [...] check the websites of Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau to find them. Bloggers have documented the issues with these ads. Consumer Affairs has covered them. The Columbus Dispatch dig deeper into the story, interviewing [...]

    133. Thank you Ray 12/21/10. I purchased my unit last winter and I also have this terrible noise coming from the blower. I’m glad I saw your email. I will not be purchasing their unit for repair. Thank you very much.

    134. This thing is basically a 1500w electric space heater. If you want it to look nice and have the flameless fireplace look then it is a good buy. A $20 space heater will do the same thing, so it really comes down to what you want it to do. If you just want to heat a cold room or supplement your furnace, this thing is not for you. If you want it to look nice, and provide a cozy atmosphere then by all means buy it.

    135. Thank-you for your blog. I fell for the ad, purchased, then cancelled my order in 14 hrs on same day, they said it was cancelled. My husband was giving me a hard time about being “duped,” and then I found out my two sisters had fell for the same ad two years prior, and both were bitter about being fooled as their electric bills doubled and within 2 months the flickering flame effect broke. When they called the customer service number both could not get through.
      My one sister also had the furnace protruding through the broken lifetime mantle–totally cracked up on one side.
      I resent the fact the ad was in the Parade in the newspaper, supposedly built by
      Amish (whom I highly respect,) PLUS I had just watched an infomercial with Bob Villa and “Al” from Home Improvement reinforcing my trust in this “new technology” to heat and save bills.

    136. How interesting, are the Amish making heaters for this company too?

    137. Since there are so many complaints of fraud ect. on this product, why not get lawyer and sue. Why not help all the future customers from getting ripped off, since our goverment does not seem to care. Many lawers do not charge unless they win, Help stop the fraud!

    138. When we first saw an add for Heat Surge (that was when they were still calling it “Roll ‘n Glow”) we thought it was a joke. Then we saw more ads, but still thought it was some kind of parody. I mean, the Amish are supposed to be all camera-shy and not into high-tech stuff, right? But I’m watching a Heatsurge info-mercial even now as I type. I got to thinking the joke was getting a little old, so I decided to look it up some more. Until I found this forum I still wasn’t sure if heat surge was an actual enterprise or just a complicated joke. Did anyone else think it was a joke?

    139. Hi Ethan,
      At first, I had the same reaction, since the ad was just so over the top with high pressure sales tactics and exaggerated claims. But then I thought that any company capable of buying 2-page spreads in most of the country’s largest newspapers was spending real money and therefore it must be profitable. I thought that exposing what they are doing on the Internet would help to slow it down, but my guess is that a lot of the folks they target are really not very Internet savvy so don’t bother to research it. They just think they are getting a way to reduce their heating bill, when, in fact, the opposite is more likely to happen.

    140. Hilarious the Amish dont use electricity, so you have an electric heater built without the use of electricity by people who dont use electricity, love the irony

    141. I fell for the ad 3 years ago, but paid only 300.00 incl shipping. But I have been happy with the heater. I live in Texas and the winters are very mild with only a few intermittent days of cold temperatures. I turn the heater on and set my thermostat to 69 degrees and it barely kicks in. It has cut my heating bill by at least 30% (gas and electricity). Since I do not like heated bedrooms it does not matter that only 1/2 of the house is warm and toasty.

    142. I was almost hood winked into ordering one of these heaters after hearing a sales pitch on QVC. Thank God I found this site before I did. I am one of those older senior citizens that would like to believe what we hear and read. Guess I will just have to remain a little chilly – at least I will still have the money.

    143. thanks for haveing this sight,,,,it just reafferms my belief ,,that commerials now adays are just praying on litte old ladies from Pasadina,,I have lasko products,,and holmes products,,,thanks again

    144. If you keep them on the LOW setting I think it may last a bit longer. I found our heaters OVERHEAT on high and burns out the thermal fuse.
      Got 2 seasons out of them. Going to radio shack to try and find the fuse, they need to be soldered in.
      Inside the unit you will find the typical cheap Chinese crap.
      Other than that please hurry and order your Amish/Chinese fireplace because of limited supply.
      Remember only 2 per household!

    145. Just watched about 10 minutes of their info-mercials this weekend. The images of the “Amish” working on the mantles are hysterical. One woman is holding a large block plan and moving it around back and forth like she is ironing clothes. Another joke is the one where they are using a mason’s level on the top of a mantle. Anyone that knows anything about woodworking has got to be doubled over in laughter. Total scam, total scum.

    146. wow, glad i came across this page. i was seriously considering buying 1 or 2. my house is very cold in the winter. we heat with soley a wood burning furnace and our electric bill is only $40 during winter time. I was trying to find some way of heating the house without the dreadful smoke, bark, and heavy dust everywhere. before i buy something that is going to cost $400, i know to research it first, and im always glad i do.

    147. hahahaha…just watched them selling these on HSN and thought I’d google it to see what came up!!

    148. 2 weeks ago I received one of these space heaters as a gift for my 11ft x 13ft home office. Upon opening the package and pulling the unit out of the cardboard box, I noticed it had a few dings, a small surface scratch on the mantle top and a tiny dent by the manual control buttons. A few minor imperfections that I could easily live with but was unimpressed nonetheless.

      Pros: It does an ok job of heating my small office space but only when the heater is set on the high mode. The fake fire flame is realistic and pleasant to look at.

      Cons: While trying to use it as a main source of heating, it did not heat my 18 x 18 ft family room to a comfortable temperature. $400 price (IMO) is way too expensive for a space heater.

      Conclusion: (IMO) This space heater is over priced and did not live up to my expectations. Will be returning for a refund.

    149. William Hendershot

      This ad is so funny they should charge for it. I am sorry for anyone who fell for this ridiculous song and dance but that video is pricless! The Amish working in the barn, the craftsmen with the level, and my favorite, the horse drawn carriage pulling away from the barn with a heat surge in back. Like many others have said, 1500 watts is 1500 watts, end of story. I’m an engineer so I’m able to pick this up a little easier than most, but come on folks! I see they are being sued, I’m going to miss their hokey infomercial on cable TV. http://www.11alive.com/money/consumer/story.aspx?storyid=175896

    150. I also bought one of these heaters, and just yesterday was telling my sister in Akron, Ohio about it. She asked if they were Chinese amishmen!!! Akron is the town right next to Canton, Ohio were the heaters are made. Today she called to tell me that there was an article in the Akron Beacon Journal about a class action lawsuit being filed against Heat Surge in Cleveland. If you type in Heat Surge Class Action Lawsuit; you can read the article from the Canton Repository. Would like to find out more info on the lawsuit.

    151. I just wanted to make a quick comment regarding the authenticity of “Amish-Made”

      True, many Indiana RV companies employ Amish workers. They do, however, employ Mexicans, Blacks, Blue People ect.

      Therefore the claim that an English owned (meaning non Amish) company is indeed “Amish Made” is not only wrong, but politically incorrect as well.

      For example, if your Ohio-owned company employs Amish (not that uncommon) you cannot claim that your product is “Amish-Made” It would be the same if you employed Mexican workers. You would not be able to claim that your products are “Mexican Made”. You, yourself, would have to be Amish or Mexican to state that claim.

      I live in Rural Wayne County Ohio and have so for years. It is very common for “English” businesses to employ Amish workers. Likewise, many “Amish-owned” businesses do not use or practice the use of electricity.

      Also, keep in mind, that there are at least 8 orders of Amish (range from fairly progressive to conservative). Each order practices nearly the same belief in God but have separate ideas on daily conduct.

      This is the niche that has been coveted for years in furniture making: hand-made furniture has always been associated with the Amish and companies like this disrupt this idea. True “Amish-Made Furniture” is indeed hand-made with the lack of power tools. What this company is selling you is a piece of laminate particle board made by Amish employees of an American company.

    152. I’m not sure where you all live, but they sell these heaters at Lowes and Home Depot. I have one that I bought for 298.00. You can buy the heater seperately for cheaper. It’s called a fireplace insert. Theres not much winter here so this saves me a ton of money. Especially at night when I just need to heat one room.

    153. I have one of these heaters and it actually works great. I like the fact that it is cool to the touch whilst it is going. You actually have to be reasonable with them. I didn’t buy it to replace my central heat. I bought it to SUPPLEMENT my central heater. So far so good. I am sure that next year, though, I will be writing back with another comment! LOL!

    154. I bought 2 of these last year…wish i had done some research first! Neither one is working now. One stopped workindg on hi within days and low stopped a few months later. The second one lasted almost a year (except for the motor that spins the little flame effect…which only lasted a few months). Parts are not available. Its now a handy overpriced catch all for cell phones and pocket change. I now use a small ceramic heater for the back bedroom and in my opinion, it works better anyways and has not effected my power bill anymore than the crap surge did. STAY AWAY!

    155. FIrst of all, if you’re going to criticize a product over the web get your shit straight. 1. The mantles are Amish made, period. 2. The company does not “stick people” with anything. THe extended warranty is an optional 36 dollars and is NOT required. And if you were literate enough to to read the entire ad, as opposed to just the title, you would see in plain english that the purchase of a mantle is required for the slim price of $298, and the heater to put inside of the mantle, normally a $249.00 value, is absolutely free. Thus, people, free heaters are being given away. No companies give away anything for free without at least some kind of purchase, so why should this company be the exception? Don’t be bitter towards a company that is running a special promotion just because you are too idiotic to undersand it.

    156. I just stumbled upon this site. I was so amused by the posts that I had to respond…

      Zeo: I used to work here. P-Codes are just one of many things this company does that are completely ridiculous. The inmates are running the asylum.

      Vern: The man in the suit is not Napier. His name is Jim Speakman. He’s the biggest ass kisser in the world and a professional con man.

      Riley: If you ever visit a real Amish store you will know that this CRAP was not made by the Amish. I have seen many of these up close and there are numerous problems that you would never see from a real Amish made product. I was stunned by how often I saw units with wheels that were put on crooked.

    157. Wow…it looks like one of Chris Pugh’s job responsibilities is to scour The Internets for all of the negative things people have to say about the piece-of-shit company he works for. Simply google “WRME Rip Off”, “Heat Surge Rip Off”, “Arthur Middleton scam” and you will see Chris Pugh commenting on all of these consumer sites lauding his company’s reputation and quality customer service.

      In 2007, when revenues were way down and they had too many employees in relation to the call volumes they were receiving, a massive lay-off was ordered. However, the company trumped up “justifiable” reasons for the terminations to limit their exposure to unemployment compensation. End result is that this agitated a lot of people in the Canton area and their reputation locally is still suffering to this day.

    158. I purchased one of these heaters a few years ago. Just prior to the extended warranty running out, the bulbs stopped working, no fake illusion of fireplace anymore.
      They claimed there was something inherent in them, and offered to replace the heater. I received a replacement heater and sent the old one back to them as required. Since then, the lights on this unit stopped working, and would remain on when shut off, unless unplugged.
      Worried about electrical faults or problems I called Heat Surge again, and was told the warranty only applied to the original unit, and I could not get an additional warranty for the newer, supposedly better unit.
      So, now I am stuck with a unit that will supply heat, but have to remove the light bulbs. So it is just another electric heater, that costs about the same to operate as running my air conditioner all summer long. Not like a coffee pot……It does provide heat, but not at a less expense.

      Perhaps it is just as economical to just run the base board electric heat as it is to run space heaters???? Just sayin..

    159. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM AMCH, they are a ripoff, they scam peoples money and everything they sell is junk! Rodney Napier and his so called staff that has at least 9 thats right 9 vice presidents to run this joke of a company.We used to see at least 2-3 truckloads of these heaters come back due to faulty issues. Also either QVC or HSN would sell these on there shows PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from this junk. Especially the portable air conditioners, that come with 4 ice packs to make them work.REALLY…..

    160. I purchased some of these heaters starting about 5 years ago. They are garbage. They were nice at first about replacing them because they constantly broke. I think we had at least 5 exchanges or more. I actually have lost count. I fought with the company repeatedly to replace them. As soon as the warranty is up you are out of luck. I then requested getting them repaired. They do not repair them nor do they have any idea where to get them repaired. I agree they were great at first but I guarantee they will break. I have two right now both not working. They are made very cheaply because I took one apart to see if it was an easy fix. Please do not waste your money on this product I think the people who are writing into this blog and stating what a great product either work for heatsurge or haven’t had their heaters long enough to break down yet. Mark my words, they will break down.

    161. You do not know what you are talking about saying the Amish Surge heaters are a scam, I have proof they are what they say thery are. I have one and I am going to order another one. for my family. Next time make sure you know what you are talking about when you say something is a scam, These heaters are not a scam. God Bless Midge

    162. We have had this fireplace for over a year now.
      The cabinet is indeed the real wood from either, oak, cherry or ash tree.
      The firelpace fire is very realistic. Everyone that sees the unit comments on how beautiful it is.
      We have had no problems with the heater. We turn it on in the morning and it heats right up and puts out nice warm air.
      In my opinion this is a very nice unit and I would recommend it. The cabinets are made by the Amish and the unit is made in China.
      If you are looking for a unit that pumps out a lot of hot air this unit is not for you.


    164. i foolishly boughtn one of these heaters and came to my senses before I opened the box. i returned it the next day unopened. That was in March of 2011. i have been promised a full refund 5 times now and still do not have it. My next call is to the better buisness bureau.

    165. I too purchased on of these Amish Heaters and was caught up in the hype. I lasted 1 winter before the fan started howling. Well I cleaned it with a vacuum and it got better. The next winter it started to crackle ans in electric sparking then quit all together. I contacted the company and was told how unusual this problem is and it was too bad I didn’t purchase the extended warranty, because if I had, then they could help me. I inquired about replacement parts and they informed me that was not possible, however they would sell me a new on for around $200.00 or I could send it to them and they would send it out for repair which would cost on average 200-300 dollars. What a ripoff. Why hasn’t this company been sued, and if there is a pending Class Action somewhere, I wan in. Does anyone know of a pending Lawsuit. They don’t even have the Amish made Mantle right. Their ads on TV and in the newspaper ads depict Amish building and assembling and hauling these heaters, except the Amish usually do not allow to be photographed. What a bunch of baloney.

    166. Maybe I should start a blog about Chris Pugh and his alternate online IDs. I could ferret out his real name and publish it and link every crap ass product he’s ever taken the time to lie about online.

      Better yet, maybe Anonymous could do a little “Investigating”.

      Yes, in fact I think Anonymous is the answer!

    167. I agree with some of what is being said.. I have seen Amish made furniture before, and this is obviously not, and of course uses electricity, so will cost you to use. I have had one for about two yrs now, and all the electric components work fine. I like the “fake fire” effect, especially with pets around. I don’t believe it was worth the amount of money paid, but generally speaking, it’s a good product. I appreciate knowing how much it really costs to run as well!

    168. Saw infomercial on this pos this morning…
      first and foremost if anything it would be Mennonite made… not Amish… Mennonites use electricity and power tools and whatnot… Amish will never be on tv by choice, they don’t mass produce anything, everything they make is by hand not using power tools…
      my stepmother was raises by the Amish… I was neighbors with Amish for 17 years… if I were to show any of my Amish friends this ad, they would be outraged!

    169. Shame on Sears Roebuck, which now sells this scam product! In our newspaper today (11/27/11), the magazine section (USA Weekend)included an ad from Heat Surge, alleging that “Sears hit a home run with the first-ever low-cost appliance with Hybrid-Thermic heat technology, which no other heater can claim.” With puffery typical of its ads, the Heat Surge hucksters report that this “Miracle Heater…caused such a frenzy at Sears stores with none in stock, one customer refused to leave, forcing managers to hand over the floor model.” The output of this Heat Surge unit is described as “Ortho-Thermic bone-soothing heat.”

      Despite all this hoopla, the fact remains that the Heat Surge heater is an electric resistance heater that, at maximum, puts out 1500 watts of heating power, the same as many perfectly good heaters that can be bought for much, much less. In its 2011 Buying Guide, Consumer Reports listed the heat Surge as the lowest-rated of the fan-forced convection heaters it rated. Heat Surge had a score of 42 as compared with ratings of from 58 to 78 for the other four models in its classification, all of which were much cheaper, except for the Eden Pure model, another scam product, endorsed by the late Paul Harvey and by Bob Vila,who has sold his soul to Eden Pure by shilling for their overpriced product.

    170. What a crock!Thank God for sites like this that expose fraud in advertising,great job!To answer the question about alternative heat try a gas fireplace that is exhaust free(meaning no need to hook it to a chimney)runs on natural gas or propane(bottled gas)and heats up to 1200sq/ft and has a real fire!Available at Lowes for about $750.00.If you’re handy you can install yourself if easy to do.

    171. Shame on me for falling for the hype. The one I bought nearly 2 years ago just died. So it gave some pleasure for the ambiance it provided. As I no longer had any ‘paperwork’ on it, I stumbled across this site looking for their phone number to see if there would be replacement parts. Obviously, I won’t waste my time. Should have researched on internet before I fell for this. Looks like this box goes in the junk pile!

    172. I have resisted buying one of these, but was waivering after I read the full page ad on the back page of today’s USA Weekend. The reported 9 cents an hour operating cost seemed very inexpensive and I have always liked the fireplace look.

      Thank Heaven For This Site!…After reading the three years worth of reviews and comments, I will stick to the small, high quality, $30 cube heater I currently use when the office, bathroom, or kitchenette area gets too cold for comfort. This little cube has been working for over 5 years, and another one I have in the motorhome has been working for about 10 years.

      If I decide the ambiance is important in the future, Orchard Supply and Hardware carries a cute little fireplace style heater that is often on sale for $99 (buy it on one of their sales tax amnesty weekends and it’s even better). They also have a bigger one with a cheap wood mantle that retails for under $200.

    173. bought 1 of these 3 years ago this its blowin cold air. outta warranty so i took apart oh yeah you gotta use hammer and prybar (amish built B S)two wires to the motor were dry rotted called them they said nothin they could do which i figured outta warranty but still wires should not be rotted and there was surface rust on bolts thats what you get made in china keep jobs in USA if you gotta clean out motor its imposable to do you cant get to it with out destroying mantle long story short shipping piece of crap back to them this week and in pieces

    174. I bought two of these heaters in 2009. They worked fine. A year later the Heat Surge company contacted me and asked if I wanted two more for free! I don’t know why. I told them that I could use one more and a few weeks later it showed up. I didn’t take it out of the box until November 2011. In the mean time, the other two heaters started making terrible noises. One of them stopped having the fake flame effect. My friend tore the units apart and found that the washer or “hub” on the squirrel cage blower had worn out or got some slack in it. This caused the racket. He fabricated a hard plastic washer to reduce the gape between the hub and the squirrel cage and the noise went away. Some months later now the noise is starting again. I have a couple of really old little 1500 watt ceramic heaters that I think work just as well. They are over 20 years old!

      I don’t know why they offered to send me free heaters. I’m guessing that the lot mine came from had a lot of problems and they were doing damage control. So far, the replacement they sent is working fine. I just wish I had taken the offer for 2! All in all, I wouldn’t spend the $300 on them again.

    175. If you want a real Amish heater, made in the USA and not China, check out the SolarFlare: http://www.infraredheaters.co

    176. After 35 years of working in the electrical utility field I stll believe 1 killowat hour of electricity will yield 3412 btu of heat no maatter how you package it or deliver it.

    177. I have one question. Where exactly is “right in the heart of America”? har har har

    178. INFORMERICAL: “imported Asian fireless technology” WHAT!! Just say, made in china!!

    179. Ok for those that want one of these I can make you one cheaper. I’ll get the $20 space heater (in black), slap some wood around it and only charge you $150.

    180. Thanks to all who wrote in – you saved me some time checking it out. I saw the photo as well, I agree with all the points made about that too.

      Scammers are everywhere – they got hundreds with “Secret Shopper” scams this last Christmas – including a member of my family.

      REMEMBER everyone – “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is” – an oldie but a goodie as axioms go.

    181. Please do youselves a real favor and totally dismiss the one and two full page newspaper ads touting the so called “miracle” Heat Surge electric heaters!!
      In my book, a 1500 watt electric heater, (call it anything you want) is still a 1500 watt electric heater!!!! Instead of paying $300.00 to $500.00+ for this “miracle Heat Surge” electric heater, simply buy a $40.00 to $70.00, oil filled, radiator style, electric heater from any hardware or department store. These heaters are thermostatically controlled and work very nice! When these types of heaters cycle off, the hot interior sealed oil continues to radiate heat!!!, that saves money in itself!!
      Now go out and save yourself a TON of money!!! THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!!!!!

    182. I bought an Amish Heatsurge Fireplace over 2 years ago and it still runs. Actually it works quite well. I used it 24 hours around the clock during the winter and its still running great. The only thing I am against is the lies that are so blatanly told on TV, and advertising everywhere. It is only supposed to raise your heat bill by 50 cents a month well I’m here to tell you it was more like $150 a month. My electric bill was never under $150 a month all winter, I don’t mind paying what is my responsiblity but I don’t like being lied to just to get me to buy the product. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about the fireplace and I count myself lucky in that mine apparently was a good one.

      (the mantals make great fire wood,its the only real way they heat ur home)

      ____F.Y.I. to the people who ask about the Edan Pure Heater-please read below———

      Before spending $300 on a cheaply made piece of crap buy a EDAN PURE HEATER..
      They work tons better and do not raise power bills like the fake fire place heaters this company is trying to push off on Americans!
      **I been looking for another cheaper source of heat for my house,me and my wife tried space heaters,this junk of a fire place heater,and wal-mart specials,and even chain dollar store heaters,all lasted maybe 2 years,it seemed we buy a new one every few years to replace a broken one.
      **We bought our Edan Pure Heater 4 yrs ago,We live in the south so winters r not that bad,we get a week or two of real cold weather then a week or so of warmer weather,The Edan Pure has out lasted every other heater we bought!!
      It worked so well my wifes grandfather bought one to help reduce his gas bill,so far he has his 2 years and still use’s it..
      **Our so called AMISH HEATER IS ALSO SOLD AT YOUR LOCAL BIG-LOTS,same packaging,same wood grain finish etc,,so dont fall for their fake Amish heaters..

      Edan Pure has been the best working space heater we ever owned..If my edan pure ever breaks I WILL buy another one,they work that great..Lowes and Home Depo also sells heaters similar to edan pure,maybe a knock off of the edan pure but I have considered buying one to try out….
      **Just shop around and do online research before buying any product,also check the web sites for customer service,if the web site just shows a order form and no customer support DO NOT FALL FOR IT!,if any1 still wants a “Amish Made heater/fire place” u can have mine,ITS sucks that bad!!!!!!!!!
      -Next week we will sell the insert/fire place for scrape metal,and maybe use the mantel for a nice chicken nest,stuff it full of straw so the chickens can keep warm this winter…..

    184. fake amish how about that amish guys hat fake plastic straw hat i dont think so among other fake stuff, its all bull

    185. thanx-almost bought 500 units for my housing projects. what a scam!

    186. Here in chicago in the winter it gets mighty cold. I placed one of these fine units in my garage so I could work on cars and motorcycles throughout the winter. This thing puts out so much heat that I’m wrenching in short pants and a t-shirt. Its even to hot to wear sneakers in here so I’m wearing flip-flops now. My dog lays on the concrete floor as its so toasty. All my craftsman wrenches are so warm to the touch and engine oil flows so quickly because of the temperature. The snow outside won’t even stay near the garage door. I don’t even use the 45000 btu gas heater that’s mounted in the ceiling anymore. And the pretty fire on the front makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I take a break to enjoy a beer. Sorry to hear about all the problems folks are having. Thinking about putting a hot tub in the garage next, this thing is “awesome!”

    187. I purchased one in 2011 and my electric bill went up 300 dollars! It works great but VERY expensive to run, not 9 cents an hour as advertised!

    188. I agree, they advertised 9 cents an hour to run, that has to be without heat just the fake fire. That’s false advertising to me. My bill was $150-$170 a month. Something should be done about lying to people like that, and we should be compensated for those lies. I remember them saying it only raised their electric bill by 50 cents a month.

    189. “HeaterMan,” above is peddling a heater that is in the same (low) class as the Heat Surge and Eden Pure scam heaters–overpriced and over-hyped, and no better than any number of much less expensive heaters that will do the same job. Ignore HeaterMan and his overpriced heater!

    190. Pros:
      Looks nice
      Cool to the touch (we have a 6 yr old)
      Clean and easy to use

      Takes awhile to heat a room
      Electric bill will go up
      You have to have the place to put it

      My fiance got sucked in too but not with the amish hook – with the electricity savings. He purchased one for about $300 two years ago for our back tv room which tends to get cold in the winter. Our electric bill skyrocketed! We promptly called the electric company and they said, “How can they (Heatsurge) tell you how much we are going to charge you for electric…”

      It does not put out that much heat and takes a while to heat the room. If you have a smaller room that you use once in a blue, go for it. The unit looks fine to me – not spectacular but not like the $25 one at walmart. This year we used it sparingly (thank god for a mild winter), otherwise, I would’ve froze or paid high electric bills.

      We have not had any machinical issues with the unit and I could can less about a remote.

    191. Sears sells this same thing during the winter time. The most expensive model was $399.99. We purchased one and have been thrilled with it. The huge savings on the gas bill far outweighed the slight increase in the electric bill. We love our heater, but get it at sears, not through the mail.

    192. I already have an Amish Fireplace Heater, and have just purchased and received another one. I think they are wonderful. They are peaceful to look at and make a great heat. I don’t understand anyone not liking them. If I run into a problem later on, maybe I would change my mind depending on what happened. But for now I just really like mine and do recommend them to other people.

    193. Be wary about any product or service advertised by one of the companies held by Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings: Republic Telcom Worldwide, Heat Surge, Amish World, Universal Media Syndicate, PatentHEALTH and World Reserve Monetary Exchange

      They are notorious for their deceptive advertising, and are banned from doing business in some states as a result.

    194. mine lasted about 3 months,then only on low withouth tripping breaker. now i use it to sit my bird on it all it is good for. nothing but a electric heater wrapped in 50.00 of wood maybe.

    195. I have an Amish heater that has worked just
      great thru the winter. It is beautiful to
      look at (like watching real flames) give off
      a great heat, sure helped by not having to use so much oil for the main furnace. Maybe
      I just “lucked out” — but I don’t think so –
      I think it’s a wonderful product.

    196. In my day we just put on a sweater.

    197. My neighbor has one and it looked quite good. I was planning on getting one. However, after reading these comments. I will not. Thank you.

    198. Ive been looking for a fireplace like this for a couple of months and have researched it well, im a buyer in profession for our local hospital so i understand the ins and outs of purchasing. I although was almost taken by the 2 page ad i saw in the our home towns sunday Journal Times. I got so excited over the ad since id been looking for a great deal for so long. When I called the 1800# I was greeted by a pushy customer service person 1st red flag, when i asked the total price she told me 283.00 for shipping for a 500.00 unit and i said I will call back since need to investigate this before committing to a purchase she replied with, whats there to check out? another red flag i told her i just would like to check things out first she got nasty with me and told me id miss out since i only had 24hours to respond i told her i will take my chances. I then came across this blog im so upset over what I read but thankful i went this route and will be contacting my local paper for a 2 page false advertisment this is a disgrace to our local paper.

    199. I have had my heater for 2 years and absolutely love it. It has been very economical, saved me hundreds of dollars in furnace oil and keeps an entire open space floor toasty to the point at times I have to shut it off. It is large (as per the pictures) and beautiful. I dont know where all these negative remarks come from. I know the ads are flashy but didnt find them to be dishonest. I didnt see any indication that it increased my electric bill. Last winter I ran it day and night. This year I am going to get another for the upstairs.

    200. No to Made in China

      No to made in China. Made in China is cheaper, because they user their workers as slave. Don’t fall in love with cheaper products that will kill more jobs in USA and future of USA and your kids/grand kids future.

    201. Ok facts are facts.the heater does heat up a room as does any heater. I purchased 2 of these 3 years ago.one stopped working last week,don’t know why,now I’m stuck with a $300 cabinet I guess I can make a small book shelf out of it? Now I have a Amish made book shelf ($300) cheap huh. Any electric heater will cause your electric bill to go up, does it offset the cost you are paying for oil or gas to heat your house thats a good question only you can answer. I found out by lowing my thermostat 2 degrees does help but once the house cools down to 68 the furnace goes on just as much. So lets look at it this way $300 for a heater equals about a month and half of heat without a higher electric bill and electric is expensive I don’t know think a electric heater is the way to go.Maybe some good insulation around the windows and doors will help (won’t cost $300 either)As far as this heater not worth the money, buy a Edenpure . if your going to buy one or just insulate your house better. Oh ya if will be a small book shelf.SAVE YOUR MONEY THANKS

    202. I own 2 retail stores in Chicago, Douglas Vacuum & Allergy Relief. I decided to buy a few and see if customers liked them. We have had them now for almost 2 weeks and have had a positive response. My observations of the models we have on display: heats quickly, wood cabinet looks great, flame looks very nice but not like real fire. the cost of operating i can not address yet since we have only had them a short time. I also can not address long term performnce, YET. I’ll keep you all posted as time goes by.

    203. i bought the unit 3 years ago. It just stopped working. Called the customer service number they basically couldnt help me. So now i have a shelf its a bunch of junk dont buy it!

    204. Any man can grow an Amy (my dad calls them) or Amish beard and appear in a heat surge ad and get paid. Aren’t the amish or amies agry over these fake amies??

    205. I bought one a few yrs ago and it only lasted one winter, but quit working in the spring, which i had bought that fall–lost a lot of money. I bought a 25.00 dollar heater at the Ace hardware and its lasting. I use the old Amish case to put firewood in. My friend had one and it did not last a year–he busted up the amish case and used it for firewood, he was so angry cuz he could not get it fixed or get parts or any kind of refund

    206. mitchell evanitsky

      they are still running this ad here in Pittsb urgh–it amazes me–these guys have to be making a killing–of course–no physical address on their website. Great blog by the way.

    207. This just got me to thinking! Are the Quaker Oats I eat every morning really made by a Quaker?

    208. Have had my Roll & Glow for a year and really enjoy it! Guess I’d better use it just when neccessary instead for enjoyment so it lasts longer!


    210. We bought one of the heat surges and afyer we plugged it in the electric went out in that room and the heating element never worked again. We called the company and the heatsurge site and they never answer their phones, ever!
      So, there must be many people trying to get through and never do.

    211. I have the amish heater wirks great have no prob with cords overheater at all it hears the whole main floor of my cape will get the house to 70 degrees and my oil burner doesnt even turn on once the hole day on average a house u 6 gallons of oil a day so at over 4 dollars a gallon of oil it still way cheaper to run the heater and there like no change in my eletric bill so unless u have one u will never no how good they really are and i have the first one that came out

    212. Right on! I’m surprised the Amish community would allow this blaring scam that implies there involvement ! Shame on them..the perpetrators should be brandishedor whatever they do to such flagerent fraud.

    213. i found this exact heater in the garbage that someone left on the curb and it works perfectly like they just bought it…They must have read ur page hahaha but seriously It works great for my apartment n i guess its only worth it if its free ;-)

    214. The thing about these heaters that irritate me was the fact they bold faced lied about it only raising your bill by a few cents. What a crock it raised mine by $72.00 for one month. How do they get away with false advertising? I thought that was no longer tolerated by the gov. Someone is sleeping on the job.

    215. My Father Gave me one of these heater, 1st the high went then the low went . the company doesn’t respond to fixing what they sell on selling.

    216. My elderly mom fell hook-line-n-sinker for this hot mess, too. She bought the upstairs-downstairs hype a couple years ago, warranty and all, but not long afterward, when first, then the second, yes.. BOTH, units failed (one of them actually scorched the outlet), the company flaked. Royally. DON’T buy the product. DON’T buy the warranty. DON’T deal with these scumbags. Just yesterday, I saw a full-page ad in a Boston newspaper for the same GARBAGE, and wondered, how many people will get suckered into this like my mom did? Seniors typically (still) prefer print papers and magazines over online media, so these full page ‘free’,’limited volume’,’call immediately’ ads really appeal to their preferences and circumstaces. These sorts of ads, and the filth-for-hire that create them, disgust me in that they they’re intentionally predatory toward the very most vulnerable demographics, such as fixed-income seniors like my mom. So, keep making your millions, heat-surge hacks – - you’ll need them for your popsicles.. in HELL, where your heat bill amount will equal your integrity.. ZERO.

    217. We have had heat surge (Amish) 3years now and are completely satisfied with the product and we live in northeast, pa where winters can be cold…Only an idiot would use them as their only heat source. Just my opinion

    218. howard jorgensen

      what a scam my elec. bill went up 42$ sending mine back today! dont fall for this scam! amish..what joke!

    219. Lee, you and the other crybabies out there seem to have nothing to do but badmouth companies. Grow up you pathetic losers. People do not buy these “heaters” to simply buy a heater. Just like people don’t buy a Lamborghini to simply drive a sports car. If they do, shame on them for being so stupid – they should have bought your $27 heater. People buy these to get the benefit of a heater as well as the appearances of a fireplace. Plus, it’s their money you moron, let them spend it the way they choose.

      People like you guys are the ones that whine about only making $5 per hour but insist on shopping a Walmart and cry that the prices are too high.

    220. I have owned oneof these heaters for several years. I has done everything they said it would. It is plain to see that it often keeps my gas furnace from running. Orginally I wanted one without the Amish cabinet. My wife wanted the decorative features of the wood, so I agreed. It works just fine. I am glad I bought it.
      If you don’t like them, I suggest you continue shopping at WalMart. It is pretty sad you would hold up WalMart as a place to buy quality merchandise.

    221. mitchell evanitsky

      Fact: No heater can put more output than 1500 watts per outlet..maximum sustainable.
      2 if it is so powerful and you don’t believe me go take a 1500 watt (30 dollar hair dryer)
      in a small area…see what throws more heat..
      the heater or the hairdryer…likely the same
      though the hairdryer will seem more concentrated with its narrow mouth.

      Hey, I have 2 50 dollar heaters I bought at
      sams club…they work fine..will heat a large
      area especially when the doors are closed.

      by the way..do you really think those are amish people in the newspaper ads?
      and..amish people don’t desire to be photographed
      and why does heat surge not have a published
      street address…..

      go take the test with a hairdryer and see
      1500 watts is maximum sustainable heat

      and you think the amish built those cabinets.
      come on…..

      some people are so niave you can can them dirt

    222. I had a problem within a year of buying one , and cant get any one to help.
      They are quick to take your money, but if you have a problem with one, you are screwed.
      What a rip Off this is .

    223. Enjoyed first couple weeks. Berings on blower motor were shot. Called Heating Guy. $120.00 to take apart & fix. Hot burning smell from cord. Several times we experienced this. Loud drone banging noise is annoying. Called Heat Surge, Put on hold first for 20 min then forever. Wanted to know what the new rebate model looked like & was told they will do nothing for us to compensate our troubles. I am not so smart listening to the false advertising…they are really made in China. Mantle it is inserted into is fabricated ( not Amish crafting) somewhere else. Walmart has a unit that works. Bought it & NEVER want to see those Heat Surges again!!! Great Price! Made in USA!

    224. I have read alot of reviews on this heater and MANY heat surge heaters. Anything that takes 1500 watts to run, is pulling alot of juice. They say it cost no more to run than your “Coffeemaker”. Alot of people don’t realize most coffee makers are 1500 watts, just because they are small, does’nt mean they are cheap to use. Besides you don’t run your coffe maker continuously all day, so of course its going to cost you alot more to use than your coffee maker–common sense.
      Its a con!!!
      Also why would you want to pay so much money for a heater that you can get elsewhere for less than half the cost. It will give 1500 watts of heat, just like the heatsurge and since it wont last you, maybe a year, you won’t be out alot of money. You can buy several electric heaters for the cost of this one heat surge, and they will last you longer.

    225. I purchased my heat surge a few years ago, because I had an outrageous heating bill, and I too love the look of a fire place. Well, it’s been 3 years and it still runs, and has saved me money, and looks great. I would buy another one again!

    226. i called your company and the woman promised she would call me back i have bought 5 heaters and 2 went bad i dont think the amish built these heaters they are to honest all you want to do is sell me another heater what a rip off

    227. I got my HeatSurge EV2 portable fireplace free 2-1/2 years ago by exchanging rewards points. I LOVE IT! I have 1225 sq ft upstairs, with another 1225 sq ft basement. When I run the central heat at 65-degrees, my electric and gas usages sky rocket to $170 or more per month. With this portable fireplace, I roll it to the bedroom at night and it heats 14′x 16′ so efficiently that I have to keep it on the lower setting so I don’t get too hot. My central vent doesn’t warm my office better than 60 degrees, but this little fireplace gets it to a toasty 73 within an hour. High heat warms my 20′x20′ living room so well that I have to turn it down after two or three hours. Best reward is that by only heating the room I am in instead of the whole house all of the time, my highest winter utility bill has been $101. The only gas is used for the hot water heater instead of the furnace. This definitely works better than the space heaters that Walmart sells. It uses a lot lower amps than those little heaters, and that translates to lower electric bills. You can call me a fool, but I’m saving money and my utility bills are proof.

    228. […] supposedly make these heaters are allowed to photograph is a dead give away. Take a look at what many others are saying about the […]

    229. My mom bought one when they first came out and I was extremely sceptical. But I have to say it heats her whole downstairs of her house and has saved her a lot on her gas bill. Her electrical bill didn’t go up at all. These heaters are not meant for a constant heat source to replace a heater but more to heat a room up if you don’t want to run your furnace to heat the whole house. It’s great for bedrooms and basements. She hasn’t had any problems with hers except she had to change two light bulbs. In my option I think they work great and are very dependable unlike the ones you buy at the store that just don’t last at all and I know from experience.

    230. I agree with you. These heaters are amazing. My mom has thi first one they came out with and the only thing that had to be replace was two light bulbs. They are by far better than what you buy at Walmart Sears or Home Depot.

    231. i have the original amish Mantle howeverthe heater needs rewiring and work woul like to know where in Nova scotia Canada i may be able to buy the The HEAT SURGE miracle heater
      thank you

    232. i purchased two of the original Amish fireplaces with Mantles however My daughter used hers all the time her heater needs rewiring and work….

      I would like to know where in Nova Scotia Canada i may be able to buy the The HEAT SURGE miracle heater.. To fit back inside the mantle as it is such an attractive fireplace….
      thank you
      Also would like to know what it will cost to buy the heater…
      Thank You,,,


    233. Haha, also been victimized by these products. Lesson learned, simply never trust any products that are made in china. I’m not saying that they never do good over that country, I mean some apple products are assembled in China. But I guess, if an appliance is created from that country, simply expect for the worse?

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