More Cozies and Corn Mazes


I am trying a bit of an experiment today. I’m typing this entry on a PocketPC and using a wireless connection to update my blog. I’d like to add a few photos and I will plan to do that later since we made a little progress on the Cozy yesterday and took a few pictures of it. I won’t try the extra credit experiment of adding photos from the PocketPC.

Don and I moved the canard out to the hangar to get it mounted on the fuselage. After the canard is mounted, we can start on Chapter 13, installing the nose on the fuselage, hopefully before it gets too cold outside to do layups. We’ve skipped around a bit and already have the main spar (Chapter 14) and Wings (Chapters 19 and 20) finished.

I also promised to put a link in the blog for my friend, JD’s cornmaze webpage so that it will get picked up by search engines. It’s the only corn maze in Fort Collins. It’s also quite convenient if you live in Loveland and Greeley. I blogged about it a few weeks ago, but since then, we took another flight over it and JD captured more than 40 photos along with some video segments and combined them all into a nice little 3 minute web video which I’ve uploaded to my website for your viewing pleasure. It will give you a little bit of a feeling of what it’s like to fly in a LongEZ over the front range near Fort Collins.

The canard being transported out to the airport
The Cozy wings in my hangar
Don't worry, we'll replace the duct tape before flight!

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