EntConnect 2006


The EntConnect conference is scheduled for March 23-26th, 2006. It has been going on for over 10 years in Denver and it centers around startups and entrepreneurship. I’ve been a regular attendee and always find it valuable and fun. The conference started with a magazine called Midnight Engineering that was all about running bootstrap businesses. Sadly, the magazine is no longer in print, but one of the original conference organizers, John Gaudio, continued to host the conference and a loyal core group of regulars continues to meet each year.

The conference includes a day of skiing in Colorado’s legendary champagne powder (which is optional) followed by several days of informal meetings and presentations about various topics of interest to entrepreneurs. Some topics covered in the past have included entrepreneurial law, marketing, blogging, company valuation, search engine optimization, and much more. I usually find the personal stories behind each of the attendees’ businesses the most enlightening part of the conference.

The cost of the conference is $199, but if you sign up early (by next Tuesday 2/28), the cost is only $99. The room rates are also very reasonable.

The webpage for the conference can be found here.