Amish Heat Surge Miracle Heater Scam


I saw a two-page ad in the Rocky Mountain News this week about some new miracle heater called the ‘Amish Heat Surge‘ and it fell into the category of things that sounded to me to be ‘just a little fishy’. Later I saw a commercial for the same product. Sure enough, after doing some calculations, I figured out that this is just a scam to overcharge people for a cheap electric heater made in China. Searching the Internet, I found a few unhappy customers who fell for it. Even though the heaters are ‘free’, you pay $298 for the ‘Amish authentic wood mantles’ that enclose them. In reality, there’s no reason to wrap an electric heater with a wooden box or mantle. It also has some sort of fake fire effect. Oh, and shipping costs $50 EACH. And they’ll stick you with an extended warranty for $28 each. So for around $770, you’d get a pair of heaters that do the same thing as a pair of $27 electric heaters you can pick up at Wal-Mart.

A 5,119 BTU/hr heater generates about 1/20th the heat produced by a household furnace. It will draw 1.5 kW. For every hour this thing runs, it will cost about $.15 in electricity, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but over a 730 hour month, that adds up to an extra $108 on your electric bill. Electric resistive heat is the most expensive way to heat a house. It costs about twice as much per BTU as natural gas heat. Just to put it in another perspective, a 2,100 sq. ft. house in my home state of Colorado uses about 6 therms of natural gas a day in the coldest winter months. At the current gas price of $1.20 per therm, a typical gas bill is $216/month during the winter months. To heat your house to the same temperature with this electric heater, you’d need to have 5 of these heaters operating at the high setting 24 hours a day. The additional monthly charges on your electric bill for just the heaters would be $540!

This heater can be yours for only $385

This heater produces the same amount of heat and costs $27 at Walmart

The ad talks about only using it to heat zones, which can save on your heating bill, of course, but only at the expense of having some of the rooms in your home being uncomfortably chilly. And you can’t really completely turn off your central furnace without the risk of pipes freezing. In other words, if you put a heater like this in the room that has your furnace’s thermostat, and thus your furnace never comes on, you may freeze pipes in a remote part of the house.

The ad is full of high pressure sales nonsense, such as requiring a special savings code that expires in 48 hours, or you’d otherwise pay $587 each! There is a limit of 2 per household and they need to ‘turn away dealers’ because they can’t keep up with demand.

If you’re one of the people reading this article who bought an Amish Heat Surge heater, please note that I mean no disrespect to you. I’m just tired of con artists using slick advertising to suck people into buying things that aren’t worth a fraction of the sales price.

233 thoughts on “Amish Heat Surge Miracle Heater Scam

  1. I have read alot of reviews on this heater and MANY heat surge heaters. Anything that takes 1500 watts to run, is pulling alot of juice. They say it cost no more to run than your “Coffeemaker”. Alot of people don’t realize most coffee makers are 1500 watts, just because they are small, does’nt mean they are cheap to use. Besides you don’t run your coffe maker continuously all day, so of course its going to cost you alot more to use than your coffee maker–common sense.
    Its a con!!!
    Also why would you want to pay so much money for a heater that you can get elsewhere for less than half the cost. It will give 1500 watts of heat, just like the heatsurge and since it wont last you, maybe a year, you won’t be out alot of money. You can buy several electric heaters for the cost of this one heat surge, and they will last you longer.

  2. I purchased my heat surge a few years ago, because I had an outrageous heating bill, and I too love the look of a fire place. Well, it’s been 3 years and it still runs, and has saved me money, and looks great. I would buy another one again!

  3. i called your company and the woman promised she would call me back i have bought 5 heaters and 2 went bad i dont think the amish built these heaters they are to honest all you want to do is sell me another heater what a rip off

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