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Terri and I are planning a trip to Europe this summer. We were in Europe in 2003 for a tour of Scotland and Ireland which was wonderful. This time we’ll be spending a week in Ireland, visiting with my relatives and then will travel to Italy to visit with our friend Silvio and his family. Silvio visited with us last October. We’ve been to Italy several times before and we have always enjoyed our visits. We love the scenery, the food, the people, and just about everything about Italy. This time, we plan to see some of it on a motorcycle. We’ve rented small motorbikes before in Italy and traveled in Tuscany between Florence and Sienna and Pisa, and there’s just no better way to experience the countryside than on a motorcycle. This time Silvio will be arranging a more capable bike, a Honda VFR shown below, and we hope to take a trip up in through the Swiss Alps.

Silvio and Davide on his Honda VFR

Silvio has proposed several routes for motorcycle trips so that we can make our decision based on where the weather is best. I’ve used Google Earth to view them in 3D and each of them look to be quite spectacular. The routes are shown below.

A route past Lake Como and into the Swiss Alps

A route over to Lake Garda

A route south of Milan

A Google Earth 3D view of one of the routes

After Italy, we’ll be flying to Brussels, Belgium, and then taking a train to Amsterdam before returning home. I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures.

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