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I wanted to mention a little about the photos from this trip. You can find the Ireland photos here, and the ones from the rest of the trip here. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what kind of camera I used. I used a 6-megapixel HP R717 digital camera which is compact yet has excellent image quality. Just three years ago I was using a 2 MP HP 618 and can’t believe how much the digital cameras have progressed in such a short time. At that time, I also carried a flash scrubber so that I could offload the pictures from my 64MB flash card. This time I carried 1.25 GB of SD cards and despite taking more than 300 photos, I never came close to filling them.

After I got home, I unloaded the photos with Picasa and annotated some of them and used the ‘Export as a Web Page’ feature and saved them as 640 x 480 pixel images in a standard Picasa template that generated the thumbnails and navigation. This size image only takes up about 1/10 the amount of space of the originals and is a good resolution for web pages. When you post a photo any bigger than that on a web page, you have to scroll around to see the whole image. I then dragged the folders to a server.

The photos were previously being served from an HP Media Vault located in my house, so that I didn’t use up any space on my K0LEE.COM domain. My K0LEE domain had only 1GB of space at the time, half of which I had already used but I upgraded to 100GB so serving them from a public server makes more sense.

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