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I got an Xbox 360 about a year ago with the hope of using it as a media player for my HP Media Vault because it is supposed to be a DLNA-compliant media server. It’s not. You can get it to work by installing Twonkyvision’s server on the Media Vault (which costs another $40), but it won’t stream Divx/xvid-encoded videos, which pretty much renders it useless as a media player in my opinion.

I’m not much of a gamer myself, and so the Xbox 360 hasn’t gotten much use. For some reason that I cannot recall, I decided to upgrade my Xbox 360 silver membership (which is free) to an Xbox Live Gold membership which costs about $7.99/month. I figured I could always just switch back to the free membership if I didn’t use the Gold membership features. After a while of seeing that monthly charge appear on the credit card, I decided to cancel it. I first tried canceling it on-line via the webpage for Live, then through the Xbox console, and wasted at least a half hour before searching on the Internet only to find out that that only way to cancel it is to call up 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) to wait to talk to an operator. And that took an additional 18 minutes, most of which time I was on hold.

I really hate it when a company makes such an obvious attempt to hang on to subscription fees that it causes that level of inconvenience when attempting to cancel a service. Signing up took a few minutes and I didn’t need to call anyone, but canceling took 48 minutes from my life. So I’ll post this here for three reasons:

  • To help someone in the future to not waste time looking for an on-line solution to canceling their xbox live membership.
  • To let Microsoft know that this is a really stupid policy.
  • To let any other company that is contemplating a similar strategy not to do it because customers don’t like it.
  • I hope someone Diggs this and maybe it will get the attention of the person Microsoft who can correct the situation. If they do, I’ll gladly remove this from my blog.

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    1. its rediculous, im currently on the pohone waiting for them to answer as i have been on hold 15 minutes now. they put the feature to cancell the automatic renewal on for about a month on the uk site then it was gone. the problem is thast we are just complaining on here and not to somewhere more noticable

    2. I have just found out that my 9 year old grandson has charged over $700.00 worth of stuff on X-Box live. I do not think he realized just the extent of what he was doing. All I know was I signed him up for a year subscription to X-Box live when he first got the X-Box. I had NO IDEA he would be able to charge on MY CREDIT card without MY PERMISSION. I called X-Box and they pretty much said, “too bad”. They told me I should have gone online and removed my card. When I told the (hardly English speaking lady) that I did not know this she said I should have read the user info. It is a RIP OFF and they are doing it on purpose so kids can do this. I am so sick about it as I work hard for my money and can’t afford this.

    3. I appreciate your posting. I think this is the 2nd time I noticed the charge and couldn’t figure why I was being billed. I spent the last preparing for my cross_state move, and before that waiting on the return of my Xbox (red ring 2nd time). Xbox had run a special, get a gold membership for $1.00 for 1 month. The deal was too good to pass up(not knowing that it would cost me a additional $18.00) so thanks for the info and I will can right away

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