Wind Turbines as Art


One person’s eyesore can be another person’s art. Modern wind turbines fascinate me. I find them to be graceful and stately works art. I do realize that not everyone feels the same way, for example, a small yet powerful group of people living around Cape Cod.

I was visiting my home town near Wilkes-Barre, PA last September and was gratified to see 12 wind turbines up on the eastern ridge of the Wyoming Valley spinning slowly while generating clean and renewable energy. When operating at their full capacity, the turbines collectively provide enough electricity to power about 24,000 homes. I had to get up close to them for a better look. I wrote a blog article about it last October.

I received an email the other day from someone in Australia asking for permission to use one of the images from that article to promote an arts festival. It’s the image of me standing with 3 wind turbines in the forest behind me. They plan to print it on 30,000 brochures and 2000 posters. I think that’s an appropriate use for that image, to promote an arts festival. Something tells me the organizers must have good artistic taste. 🙂